Letters to the Editor

From the issue of July 5, 2001

By the way, Rome is not New York. I think this gentleman should review McDonald's. Maybe he would show more knowledge and professionalism.

Caterina del Piero
Miami Beach

The Food Corner: Sticker Shock
If this is what you call inexpensive, we'd rather starve: As a faithful reader of New Times, I was excited about the possibility of learning about new restaurants to visit after picking up this year's "Best of Miami" (May 17). Since I constantly look to New Times as a source of reliable, accurate information -- especially about restaurants -- I was happy to see that a place near to my home in Miami Beach was awarded "Best Inexpensive Italian Restaurant," Macaluso's on Alton Road.

When my boyfriend and I went, strictly because New Times described it as inexpensive, we were absolutely shocked to see the prices, which were not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Realizing that we would be unable to afford even a soda (or the $4.50 garlic bread) with our meals, we walked out and went across the street to Master's Pizza instead, a truly inexpensive Italian restaurant. We both ate fresh, delicious food and tipped, all for just seventeen dollars.

What is New Times's idea of expensive if Macaluso's is considered cheap? It's just downright misleading.

Name Withheld by Request
Miami Beach

The Food Corner: Klein Confusion
In the best of all possible Lees, he'd be rich and famous: Everyone tells me how much they enjoy my reviews of restaurants in New Times. I tell them with a blush: "No, that's the real Lee Klein, I'm the teacher."

There are several of us in town. One is a woman who raises money for kids with cancer. She is the Lee Klein you might see on the society pages where the women are smiling their uplifted smiles. We have gotten calls for her from desperate parents.

One is a surgeon someplace here in South Florida. Rich guy, probably. One is the New Times critic, and one is moi. I am in the graduate creative-writing program at FIU and teach creative writing at MDCC. My spouse hopes one day I will be as famous as your Lee Klein or as rich as the other Lee Kleins. Maybe I should change my spelling.

Anyway, Lee Klein the restaurant critic will always have at least one huge fan.

Lee Kline
via Internet

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