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Marlins management blames poor attendance on inherent threats of rain in summer, but it's more likely owing to the mosaic of mistrust and apathy produced by the former billionaire owner's unprecedented 1997 sell-off of the championship team; the sneaky manner in which the current owner is attempting to push through a new stadium at taxpayers' expense; and the boneheaded disloyalty displayed by GM Dave Dombrowski and the multimillionaire players in their graceless coup against classy blue-collar manager John Boles; and, perhaps most important, a sluggish start by the whiny but undeniably talented Marlins. We'll see if their recent surge in play translates to an increased gate.

Food in, food out: Bru's Wings and Premo's Subs are gone
Steve Satterwhite
Food in, food out: Bru's Wings and Premo's Subs are gone


2269 NW 199th St.

People don't attend sporting events for the cuisine, but putting out the most putrid concession snacks in the nation certainly isn't helping matters and furthers the lack of respect displayed by management toward the embattled Marlins fans of South Florida. It's also a most curious way to host those from whom you are asking a handout.

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