Letters to the Editor

From the issue of June 21, 2001

Thank you for your attention. I hope next time you write a more accurate article about Mr. Jackson, telling the true news and not just false rumors in order to attract more readers.

Ughetta Palmieri
Rome, Italy

Europeans Absolutely Worship the Gloved One
Here in Austria we believe him to be quite normal: I find it awful that Brett Sokol could come to such stupid conclusions about Michael Jackson. Producer Rodney Jerkins is not the most important person who will make the upcoming album a megaseller. It is Michael Jackson himself, because he not only performs the songs but composes them himself, sometimes with Rodney Jerkins. So Jerkins is no doubt an important person, but Michael Jackson does most of the work!

Last but not least is the statement about Michael Jackson's son Prince. Is it really so stupid and so bad when a father tidies up the mess behind the child? I am only eighteen, but if I had a child I would also do that. I think this is normal. Just imagine what your house would look like if nobody would tidy up the room when your child made a lot of mess? I think this is not eccentric or however you call it.

Helene Clara Gamper
Kufstein, Austria

Wendy Absolutely Loathes "Kulchur" Columnist
He doesn't know it, but his brain has turned to Jell-O (no offense to Jell-O): After making the introduction between Brett Sokol and Cheb Nasro, I was excited to hand to Brett all the contextual information on Nasro's native country of Algeria, their civil war, history, Nasro's music, videos, and information on his blossoming relationship with Miles Copeland (Sting's manager of 23 years), and I imagined their two-hour lunch interview would have yielded more than a discussion of Jermaine Jackson in an article about Michael Jackson.

I am sorry to see that either Brett is too shortsighted and small-minded to see the value in Nasro's story and life or that the editors of his article have so little respect for their readers they think they would not appreciate a story that would dare to step outside the realm of South Beach. Maybe if Nasro said his hero was Yngwie Malmsteen or Digweed, you guys would have shown him a little more respect.

I am sorry, as always, to have put any confidence in this newspaper or its staff's ability to report on anything that doesn't remotely relate to Cuba, corruption, or sex. I'm glad we were able to get Brett the "exclusive" he insisted on to do this very important "Kulchur" reporting. Maybe the reason no one in this country knows the locations of Algeria or Katmandu is because to our journalists they don't exist or matter. Brett may think he can sit on his throne overlooking the sea and comment on the shallowness and lack of culture in Miami, but guess what: When he wasn't looking, his environment sneaked up and turned him into one of us. Those who live in glass houses should cast no stones.

Wendy Feliz

Writers Can Be Winners Too
Editor's note: Several Miami New Times staff writers recently received recognition for work they produced in 2000. The South Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, which sponsors the statewide Sunshine State Awards, honored the paper's editorial staff with a first prize in the deadline-news category for coverage of the federal raid on the Miami home of Elian Gonzalez. Kirk Nielsen, Tristram Korten, and former staff writer Ted B. Kissell took first place in nondeadline business reporting for their special report on Carnival Cruise Lines. Kathy Glasgow, Brett Sokol, and Celeste Fraser Delgado tied for first place in foreign reporting for their individual stories from Cuba. Robert Andrew Powell won two awards, a first place for nondeadline reporting and a second for nondeadline sports reporting. Tristram Korten took third place for feature reporting.

The Atlanta chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists sponsors a regional contest encompassing eleven states in the Southeast. Known as the Green Eyeshade Excellence in Journalism Awards, the sponsors recently honored the staff once again for coverage of the Elian raid. Jacob Bernstein won first place in nondeadline reporting. Robert Andrew Powell took two first-place awards for investigative and sports reporting. Former staffer Ted B. Kissell won second place in sports reporting. Jim DeFede and Mia Leonin were awarded second-place awards for serious commentary and criticism, respectively. A complete list and links to the stories can be found on our "Awards" page.

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