A Bullet Dodged

All agree that Hialeah Police Chief Rolando Bolaños lied under oath, and all agree he apparently got away with it

"Yes, I guess that's frustrating," Murawski reflects. "But I'm glad we brought to light problems [with the commission's enforcement powers] that we can now correct." He adds that there is no double-jeopardy rule, and the commission may, if it chooses, revisit the issue. Possible penalties include a public reprimand, fines, and a recommendation for removal from office.

Meanwhile the Bolaños brothers' trial is scheduled to begin Monday. Rolando Jr. is charged with two counts of felony official misconduct, each punishable by up to five years in prison, and one count of misdemeanor battery. Daniel is charged with three counts of felony official misconduct and one count of misdemeanor battery.

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