Letters to the Editor

From the issue of April 26, 2001

Miami Springs basically has only two options: It can either go the way of Coconut Grove and South Beach with a trendy scene, or it can go the way of Miami Shores with the offices in place of shops.

Stephen W. Foster
Coral Gables

Free Weekly Mission Statement: More Embarrassment More Often
Could Miami residents be shamed into action? I wanted to express my pleasure at reading Kirk Nielsen's article "Enough Billboards Already!" (April 12). To me it is amazing the crap people get away with because the community is not paying attention. I hope New Times can do more to embarrass the Miami City Commission and other local government officials and employees over issues like this. Wake people up!

The lack of community involvement around here is so sad. Miami residents and (more important) city officials do not even know the definition of "quality of life." No parks, overdevelopment, bad zoning, and Miami is notorious for its lack of commitment to code enforcement, which really shows. The majority of the city is a ghetto, a ghetto in paradise. So billboards all over the place would be just another step in the wrong direction.

I think articles such as Mr. Nielsen's help in exposing problems, which can lead to positive results. Keep up the heat and the good work.

Glenn Amorusco

ErrataOwing to an editing error, the caption accompanying a photograph of former county Commissioner Joe Gersten ("The Gersten Affair," April 12) incorrectly reported that it had been taken at the New South Wales Supreme Court. The image was captured by a WSVN-TV videographer elsewhere in Australia. Also owing to an editing error, a reference in Jim DeFede's column "Stop the Press!" (April 12) incorrectly stated that a computer problem caused the South Dade News Leader's Website to malfunction. The reference should have been to the Homestead Sun and its Website. A reporting error in Jacob Bernstein's article "The Reboredo Files" (March 29) led to the incorrect statement that Adelfa Perez-Cruz's county payroll checks were directly deposited into a bank account she shared with Norma Reboredo, wife of county Commissioner Pedro Reboredo. The checks were deposited into a separate account. New Times regrets the errors.

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