Sex and the Single Raver, Part 2

Modern America was born for porn, and it's a growth industry right here in Miami

Up until a year ago Ray lived on South Beach, picking up gigs as a fashion model. "But it wasn't steady work," he complains. As a porn actor in Los Angeles, he says, "I can work every day, week in, week out," earning an average of $600 per scene. Pay for females is significantly higher -- Mayhem will receive approximately $1000 for the same scene. (Top stars with name recognition and a fan base can earn far more; many sign exclusivity contracts with individual film companies in a move reminiscent of the old Hollywood studio system.)

In the past year alone, Ray has appeared in several dozen adult films, from The Sopornos #2 to Charlie's Little Devils. The secret to his prolific career? He pops 50 milligrams of Viagra just before a scene. "Resting up the night before doesn't hurt either," he adds, leering sideways at Mayhem, who shrugs and cheerfully admits she spent the entire night having sex with a friend of Ray -- a Miami sports figure -- and now has several small bruises on her thighs to prove it.

If there's a sore spot with Ray, it emerges in discussing his former occupation. "Modeling is a walk in the park!" he snorts. "This is a much more difficult business for a guy." He explains that porn actors have to remain in a state of active arousal for hours, with lights and cameras often only inches away. "A lot of people can't focus and do it."

It's been a hard day's night: Monica Mayhem and Joey Ray relax on the set of DJ Groupie
Brett Sokol
It's been a hard day's night: Monica Mayhem and Joey Ray relax on the set of DJ Groupie

A note of irritation creeps into his voice as he continues: "Mainstream people think they're better than us. They're no different than we are. They're doing drugs, getting prostitutes behind closed doors. But just because we make these movies...." His voice trails off. "Look, who do you think is watching this stuff at home?"

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