Letters to the Editor

From the issue of April 19, 2001

I never voted for the Central Intelligence Agency, and it seems that maintaining the CIA is like enabling the unpredictable, wild actions of an active drug addict, its dual addictions being power and control. In general I also think that if it weren't for the CIA, we wouldn't need the CIA, at least not in its current form.

If the CIA's leaders can't control themselves or be controlled by Congress, if they must act like the SS or the KGB, if they can't quit instigating revolutions and perpetrating all sorts of arrogant shenanigans (generally being a world nuisance rather than a decent neighbor), and if they won't act passively and defensively, if they continue acting offensively, then I say do away with the CIA.

The best defense is not always a good offense. Often the best defense resides in the quality of being a decent neighbor who respects the integrity of others. If it weren't for American power control and its worldwide arrogance, and if were weren't always seeming to make life safe for dictatorships (especially those we oppose), then we might even live free and in peace. If it weren't for our dictatorial nature, folks wouldn't have as many resentments against us, nor constantly be trying to terrorize us.

We deserve the international hatred aimed at us. We are no longer America, land of the free. We are now Amer-CIA, the evil, statist, controlling empire. This is our tax dollars at work, folks!

David Melvin Thornburgh
Miami Beach

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