Miami vs. Orlando Electronic Dubya

DJ Sandee sounds off New Times asks DJs what they would say to President George W. Bush if they were to see him face to face

In the United States the marketing geniuses have decided that everything has to have a special name.

The pigeonholing. It doesn't really bother me, because I'm not really a consumer; I'm a creator. I get into making tracks and being creative. The whole categorization happens after I'm done, so it does not affect the way I make music. I am interested in how different people in different parts of the world define this music. In the U.S. it is all dance -- like one huge category where everything else fits. In the U.S. there is pretty much hip-hop, rock, dance, and then country and whatever else.

What about your music?

Roni Size gives you what you like
Tim Bret-Day
Roni Size gives you what you like
MJ Cole: King of 2-step
MJ Cole: King of 2-step

Well it's my music. But yeah, I guess it is definitely 2-step. I try not to worry about whether it is going to be trance or garage. I'm concerned with making good music.

South Beach sucks. I hate it down here, and the conference just sucks these days in the sense that it has become just a tourist trap. It's just bad. And I've always said that Miami door staff are a bunch of pricks; they're fucking assholes. Last year I was on the guest list for Space to see Danny Tenaglia, I always go see him. And I'm in line, Dimitri from Amsterdam is in front of me, and he is the number one DJ in the world, in line with me for three hours. The way he got out of line and inside was by buying a $700 table. I don't know. The weather is good, but it's so expensive for everyone that is not in the industry.

MJ Cole: "Give us some National Radio!" You know, the radio system is so segmented, I think he should set up a nice national radio station. And I'll come and host the show.

Roni Size: I'd tell him to just, you know, quit. Just step down. He knows that he is not the people's choice. That people don't believe in him. If someone said to me, "You know, Ron, we think that maybe you should bow out; we don't really think you have any business being up onstage," I would respect that. I'd just go home, you know, and chill.

Raymond Roker: Well, the fake question would be, "Dude, why are you such a hater?" The real question would be, "Yo, can you hook me up a meeting with Clinton?"

DJ Storm: "You are a punk."

DJ Sandee: Probably ask him if he wanted to do a line, and then I'd moon him.

DJ Omar Santana: If there are really spaceships flying around, can he get me on one of those things. Get me the fuck out of here!

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