Letters to the Editor

From the issue of March 29, 2001

Our elected officials have made Miami-Dade County an embarrassing spectacle not even the king of Spain could fail to see. If I were the inspector general, I wouldn't lose a minute. Before the red carpet is rolled out for the king, do the testing. Find out why our invisible mayor and county commissioners act this way.

Name Withheld by Request
Coral Gables

Elvis, the Original Mack Daddy
White kids like hip-hop, ipso facto it can't be all bad: In response to the letter from Jacquelle E. Sconiers (March 15), who complained about the movie The Dirty South and the bad image projected by black rappers, I hope the people she is around are not so small-minded to think that all blacks in Miami are mack daddies and 'hos. That's like saying all whites in Perry, Florida, don't like black people, or that Governor Bush is about to make life hard for all black people in Florida with his tax cuts.

Ms. Sconiers is helping others to place us in a box that was built long, long ago. I understand what she is trying to say, and I really feel her, but she should vibe without that same old box perception.

A lot of white teenagers buy rap music and attend rap concerts. Not all rap is bad. But some guys are going to be negative no matter what. Plus it sells. Remember, they said Elvis Presley was bad for the youth.

Long live hip-hop.

Terry Fernando Newton

So He's a Thug, So What?
You gotta admit, the guy knew how to throw a party: Tristram Korten's most recent article about Chris Paciello ("Goon Over Miami, Part 4," February 8) is postreactive, hypercritical garbage. Korten knows damn well that from 1996 to 1999 Paciello was the straw that stirred the drink in South Beach. Everyone saw how good his clubs were and watched as he drew top celebrities to town. He was at the epicenter of a golden era for South Beach. He was the catalyst behind the boom of recognition for Miami's nightlife.

Now that his past has screwed him, he's ratting out bigger scum. Korten doesn't like his rap sheet, so now he's a joke? More like a legend, I'd say. Wait till they make a movie about him. He will become as immortal as Al Capone.

Tell me someone like [nightlife entrepreneur] Shawn Lewis is so great ("The Education of Shawn Lewis," December 7, 2000, and "The Secondary Education of Shawn Lewis," March 15). Let's see if he can even hold on to his liquor license. South Beach was better then than it is now, and Paciello was a big reason why.

Michael Rose
via Internet

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