Letters to the Editor

From the issue of March 22, 2001

What Cuba is Martin Theodores talking about when he cites seven areas of progress under Castro? He probably was dreaming about a Cuba on planet Saturn, or maybe he has been reading and believing Granma too much lately. It would be stupid on my part to attempt to refute here the "progress" Theodores says he finds in Cuba after the revolution -- stupid and futile, since everyone is entitled to remain attached forever to his own ignorance of the facts. This seems to be the case with these three New Times readers.

Adolfo Costa

Our Town in a Nutshell
Pugnacious Cubans and redneck mouth-breathers: It is unfortunate that so many people only focus on negatives and don't care to see anything positive in the cultures and people with whom we coexist. This is the case with Paul Waters of Miami Beach, who wrote in response to Kathy Glasgow's article "Cuban Idyll." Mr. Waters chose to characterize the entire Cuban community in Miami by referring to a fistfight between two politicians. That is like me characterizing the entire Anglo community in Miami by referring to a group of Homestead inbreeds waving Confederate flags and carrying racist anti-Cuban signs.

Mr. Waters claims that "Castro's socialist dictatorship, which we so often vilify, has somehow left its peoples' soul the room to flower." The difference in Cuba is that people are helping out each other in the face of adversity and oppression, and they are surviving, just as our own community banded together after Hurricane Andrew, and the same way many of us are helping our brothers in El Salvador right now.

Most of us are hard-working people and have contributed much to this city. It doesn't matter to Mr. Waters, though. He only cares to see negatives.

Cristina Moreno

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