The Bigger Chill

A film in which yuppies talk, and talk some more

Bring on the neighbors: Gena Rowlands and Brooke Shields
Bring on the neighbors: Gena Rowlands and Brooke Shields


From a novel by Peter Cameron. Playing at the Bill Cosford Cinema.

Shields and her comrades aren't aided by Skeet's wordy, awkward adaptation of Peter Cameron's novel. All the characters sound alike. This might have worked in the book, but onscreen the effect is that of one voice spoken by many people. There's also a lot of arty phrasing. Unger must get her mouth around lines such as, "the smudging carbon copy of memory"(hence the blue-and-white flashbacks). At the end of the film, Shields delivers a real cornball: "Why is it that you always look the best in the peace and quiet that follows the violent storm?" But even if one can accept such groaners, the real issue is: What's violent? What storm?

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