True Colors

Alex Penelas gets in touch with the inner Alex Penelas

On the other hand, Curry is qualified for the post of county manager. She spent years as an assistant county manager. But Penelas didn't make her county manager because she actually would have known what she was doing. Instead he sought to place her in a job completely foreign to her. The most regrettable part of the story is that Curry allowed herself to be used by the mayor in his efforts to professionally demolish another black woman. Those efforts have failed so far: The commission approved Gittens's hiring on Tuesday.

Penelas had wanted the two most important jobs in the county -- manager and aviation director -- to go to people who have no experience in those areas. And for all this good judgment he deserves a 60-percent pay raise? Now that his asking price is so high, I guess I should stop describing him as a two-bit political whore.

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