It's in the Can

Romancing Miami's restrooms

•"There are so many bad bathrooms. But Scotty's is one of the worst. It's hot and there's no ventilation -- and it stinks, too." -- Deepak Srikant

The following restaurants are now accepting the indecisive:

•"This could be a best and worst, depending on your level of discretion or voyeurism. Then again, if you were discreet, you wouldn't be having sex in a public john. Balan's in Miami Beach has bathrooms with clear glass doors that fog over once locked, affording you almost enough privacy to do whatever you're doing in there. [Still it] was a mistake to listen to the architect's or interior designer's advice on having the “coolest can on the Eastern seaboard.'" -- Eva Pfaff, Internet consultant•"The Forge might be nice, but its bathroom has that whole “bird' thing going on. Those damn parakeets would be a little distracting." -- Suzy Buckley, editor of Ocean Drive

Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton

Now, doesn't that put you in the mood?

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