Letters to the Editor

From the issue of January 18, 2001

As a doctoral student doing research on school board ethics, I was invited by school board member Marta Perez to speak at this particular meeting, joining others in imploring the board to do the right thing. Unfortunately the right thing was tabled for further discussion.

Maybe other board members support G. Holmes Braddock, who candidly professed his view of the public by stating, "I always have a hard time reacting to the public 'cause I'm not so high on the public." Time will tell.

Karelia Martinez-Carbonell
Coral Gables

Seeing As How This Is My Last Day
Let me tell you morons what I really think: I just have to add my two cents regarding the disheartening comments by school board member G. Holmes Braddock on his final day of service to the county's educational system.

Indeed how very tragic that he would embarrass himself -- not to mention all educators, administrators, and the schoolchildren themselves -- by stating, "I've never thought we had a very bright public."

The ultimate slap in the public's face gives us some very real indication of what his thought processes and decision-making must have been all those 38 years of service. What a crying shame!

Russ Gordon

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