Doom, Gloom, and Bloom

Heavy-metal monster Yngwie Malmsteen, prosperous Miami homeowner, likes his music dark and his domestic life bright

Recalling a writing session for his 1999 album, Alchemy, he says, "I remember sitting in the kitchen, having a cup of coffee, my beautiful son is running around playing, it's sunny with palm trees swaying. And I'm sitting there writing about demons and war!" He begins bellowing that record's "Legion of the Damned."

April, glancing at the television, suddenly cries out: "Oh no! That is disgusting!"

Frozen on the screen is the image of a hatchet framed against a dark-red background. Antonio seems to know he's been busted. "You cannotplay this game," Malmsteen says sternly. "It has a lot of blood." Turning to Kulchur, he explains that he bought the offending game on tour without knowing how violent it was.

"We keep a lot of things away from him," April adds. "He's not allowed to watch certain programs either."

Wait a minute. Mr. and Mrs. Malmsteen are concerned about exposing little Antonio to violence?

Kulchur frantically waves the War to End All WarsCD in the air.


"We're very, very strict with him when it comes to stuff like that," April replies. Her husband nods his head in agreement.

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