Letters to the Editor

From the issue of January 11, 2001

Let Me Get Right to My Important Point
By invoking a commercial advertisement: Congratulations to Robert Andrew Powell on a great article about Suzy Stone and her Hip Hop Kidz ("Her Brilliant Career,"November 9). I was going to write a long-winded memo but decided to shorten it.

Price of tuition: $90 monthly.

Cost of overalls: $55.

The incredible lifelong experiences, great friendships, and confidence-builder for young kids: priceless.

Bruce Gusman (Zach's dad)

Free Weekly Exposes Flagrant Child Abuse
Pulitzer committee reportedly "very impressed": Maybe I misunderstood the point of "Her Brilliant Career," but it seems as though Robert Andrew Powell and New Times share the view of some parents of Hip Hop Kidz that their children are entitled to success and stardom without working hard and making sacrifices. And that Suzy Stone is somehow flawed because she pushes her students and seeks fame herself.

Wow! What a scandal!

Maybe New Times will next look into the outrageous situation at West Point, where aspiring generals are actually expected to get up early and march great distances before breakfast just to prepare them for actual war! Can you believe it? Shocking!

Seth Gordon

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