Trini Rising

Miami's R&B hopeful engages in a little simple conversation

"Yes," they screamed.

"Well you have to go through me!" she announced. Ready to command the respect she deserves, Trini declares with a natural diva attitude: "If I have to, I will put you in your place." When she traveled north for an appearance on New York's Metro TV on December 20, she was shunned in the green room by a group of well-known male strippers also scheduled that day. After hearing her sing "Simple Conversation," however, the chastened pretty boys rushed to give her autographed eight-by-tens of themselves.

Dad lends a hand as Trini hits a high note
Steve Satterwhite
Dad lends a hand as Trini hits a high note


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Trini's stage experience rescued her from disaster at the Pre-Thanksgiving Reggae Bash at the AT&T Amphitheater last November. She earned a prime-time slot on the bill, following established acts such as Lexxis and Elephant Man and immediately before R&B group Next and show closer dancehall DJ Beenie Man. Trini planned to open with the remix of "Simple Conversation," which features rapper Lois Lane on the introduction. But the selector mixed up the tracks and played the wrong song. Improvising with the sentimental "ooohs" and "aaahs" so common in contemporary R&B, Trini pulled together a performance that impressed the crowd, many of whom were witnessing her for the first time. Looking back on that harrowing experience, she attributes her triumph to the words her father has always told her: "Baby, you have to sing. If the guitarist falls down and breaks his leg, baby you have to sing. Even if you forget the words, baby you have to sing!"

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