Letters to the Editor

From the issue of December 28, 2000

I extend to the letter writer my deepest sympathy for his childhood abuse. What happened to him was horrible. He even later became a camp counselor with the same man who abused him years earlier. But I pose this question: Why did he not tell? Why did he allow other young children to be victimized? Still, the actions of one man should not stigmatize an entire population of effective and productive Americans.

This man clearly has issues with the Boy Scouts. Blaming them on homosexuals would be an easy out, or perhaps it is mentally soothing. Nonetheless I feel New Times has done our community an injustice by publishing this man's warped thoughts. His story only served to spread social and sexual discrimination.

Dominique J. Alexander
South Beach

Safe at Home in Fort Lauderdale
And we're thrilled that's where you'll stay: I would like to thank Miami New Times for exposing the Cubans for what they really are. I'm glad there is a newspaper in Miami that is not afraid to tell the truth. The fact is the Cubans have done nothing but ruin Miami. It is now a crime-infested, dirty, Third World banana republic. A joke.

Thank God I live in Fort Lauderdale. I never go down there. I would fear for my life.

Jonathan McDouglas
Fort Lauderdale

I Knew Miami Way Back When
Back when we were all Americans, dang it: In a recent article the Miami Herald quoted a Cuban exile as referring to "the good old days in Cuba." I assume he meant "before Castro." I lived in Miami before Castro, and at that time Cuba was ruled by an absolute dictator, Gen. Fulgencio Batista. He literally turned Havana over to the American Mafia, who used it as a gambling Mecca. Batista and his cronies lined their pockets with money milked from the Cuban people, and when Castro took over they fled to Miami, where they invested in Miami real estate and politics.

Still living in poverty, Cubans then began to illegally immigrate to the United States. The dangling carrot that drew them here was the Yankee dollar, not our politics. Eventually so many Cubans arrived that they became a majority in Miami, taking over most political offices and a majority of Miami businesses and real estate, to the point where they now control the city as well as its major newspaper.

A few assimilated into our American culture, learned our language, and began to consider themselves Americans who happened to be of Cuban descent. But far too many of these immigrants and their descendants remained basically Cuban and continued to speak Spanish and demanded that the Anglo population learn their language and customs. This was an attitude that did not win many friends among the vast majority of Americans and has tended to isolate Cuban Americans from our society.

When Castro dies of old age, some Miami Cubans will attempt to take over Cuba while still retaining ties with the Miami gold mine, but it is doubtful that they will succeed. Cubans who remained in Cuba and fought against the Castro regime detest the fat-cat Cuban exiles in Miami. They will certainly not allow themselves to be ruled by them. Then the Cuban population in Miami will have to decide whether to become Americans or Cubans. There will be no in-between.

Gene Butts
Armstrong, Iowa

Farewell to the Bigots and the Hypocrites
And you can add New Times to that list: Miami is a great place to live. If you don't like Miami, and if you don't like the fact that so many Cubans have significant economic and political power here, and if you wish to leave, please feel free to do so. If you want to stay and be part of the solution and not part of the problem, please stay. We Cuban Americans want you to stay.

But if you have personal issues with Cubans or any other group of people in Miami and cannot get over them, maybe it's better for both you and all of Miami that you leave. If you are a productive citizen and a fair and honest person that can co-exist with people who are different in some ways than you, Miami will miss you. If you are the other kind (and you know what I'm talking about), again please feel free to leave so Miami can begin to bridge gaps and make this a better place. I know I am not leaving. I have been all over the U.S., and quite frankly, I love this town.

I think the problem with Miami are the bigots and hypocrites who live among us. I hope they all leave soon and that they take New Times with them up I-95. If they think Miami will self-destruct after they leave, they need to think again. People like them have been saying this for many years. There are plenty of Cuban Americans and other groups who are professionals -- doctors, lawyers, engineers, and dentists -- to fill their self-proclaimed void.

Property values in Miami-Dade County continue to rocket far above national averages. Tourism is up. Commerce is up. Banking is up. The Spanish-language music, television, and fashion industries are thriving and creating many millionaires. Just ask Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Rudy Perez, Desmond Child, Daisy Fuentes, and many others. And it's not just the entertainers but the whole industry, from top to bottom, that is making record profits.

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