Letters to the Editor

From the issue of December 28, 2000

 Editor's note: We greatly appreciate receiving letters from our readers and try to publish as many of them as possible. Predictably, though, some missives fall victim to space limitations or time constraints. In this issue we try to make amends. Below is a sampling of correspondence from the past year we've been saving in hopes of it someday seeing print. That day is here.

Spirited Civic Activist Organizes Petition Drive
Where do we sign? I don't get it. If so many people hate Rick Sanchez so much -- people like Robert Andrew Powell ("Rick...or Red?" June 1) -- how come he still has a gig at WSVN? Why hasn't anyone started a petition drive or letter campaign to have him replaced?

Daniel Jimenez

Top Cop Steps Forth, Takes Fifth
Hey, it's his constitutional right: Only in the City of Miami could you have a police officer who took the Fifth Amendment in front of a grand jury investigating serious criminal allegations against him still remain a cop, and better yet be named chief of police!

Best of all is the explanation that he gave his staff for having exercised his right not to incriminate himself -- namely, that he was mad, he did not know what he was going to be asked, and the judge was corrupt!

Because I am a Miami police officer I cannot use my name, as I'm sure you understand.

Name Withheld by Request
via the Internet

Another Screwy Cop Shop
School district takes the proverbial cake: If half of what Ted B. Kissell reported in "Cop Out" (March 9) is factual, and I have no reason to doubt any of it, the Miami-Dade County Public Schools' police department must be the most screwed-up law enforcement agency in the nation. They promote on the Peter Principle (to the highest level of incompetence) and then move them around the system with their big salaries and titles. Fire someone? Heaven forbid! It seems way past time to show someone the door.

The school board appears to be a bureaucratic monster, even overshadowing the county commission and Miami International Airport. They are spending kazillions of dollars and no one is in charge.

Keep after them. You are alerting the public to more of the same corruption pit we call Miami-Dade County.

Mark E. Carswell
Miami Lakes

Best Volunteers
More interest, more calls, more food: On behalf of Food For Life Network's men, women, and children living with AIDS, I wish to personally thank you for selecting our nonprofit organization as the Best Charity ("Best of Miami," May 11). I truly hope you understand the significance of recognizing Food For Life Network this way. We have already received numerous phone calls from individuals who had never heard of us. These same individuals now wish to volunteer or conduct a canned-food drive at their place of work or in their neighborhood. This will really help put more food on the tables of our clients.

Thank you for helping to provide two very basic human needs to people living with AIDS: compassion and food.

Berne Teeple, development director
Food For Life Network

Best Jazzbo
As a substitute for money, this ain't bad: Just a few words of thanks for honoring our Night Train radio show in your recent "Best of Miami." As you probably realize, we don't have a budget for promotion or advertisement, therefore your recognition of our program is of great help.

Rest assured we will continue to play features and music that will never become stale, every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Ted Grossman, host
Night Train
WLRN-FM (91.3)

T. Willard Fair Meets Uncle Tom
A profoundly disturbing development: Ted B. Kissell's article on the Liberty City Charter School was profoundly disturbing ("Schoolhouse Knocks," August 24). That a politician unjustly used the black community to get ahead is nothing new. But Uncle Toms like T. Willard Fair, who use our children to empower themselves, are the lowest form of disgrace. Suffer the poor children.

Alti Lodge

Jeb Bush Moves On
And leaves a mess behind: Judging from Ted B. Kissell's article on the Liberty City Charter School, it appears that Jeb Bush is no different from a man who abandons his children for another woman. In Bush's case it was the Tallahassee governorship. But in fact he is worse, for his was premeditated abandonment.

Jenny Africano

These Words Were His Words
But he spoke them on my behalf: As Jim DeFede noted, the young man who stood up at Ted Koppel's Nightline town-hall meeting addressed Alex Penelas with these words: "Mayor Penelas, you may very well regret now what you said last week. And I don't doubt that you genuinely mean some of the things you've said in the last few days. But I just -- I want you to know you left a lot of us feeling incredibly disenfranchised from this community. And it is going to be very, very difficult to ever forgive you for that."

He said everything I wanted to say, and I thank him for voicing it so eloquently.

Chris Fulmer

Tightwad Free Weekly Thumbs Nose at Neighbors
Remains hermetically sealed inside posh digs: As a resident of Edgewater, I was amused a few years ago when I overheard a real estate agent discussing how New Times was spending several hundred thousand dollars remodeling its offices on Biscayne Boulevard in my neighborhood.

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