Saint Juke

It's a wonderful life at Fox's

"Chances are you believe the stars that fill the skies are in my eyes." Mathis. Jo Stafford's lament of love among the jet set must have gotten by me. Maybe because I'm distracted by the bartender, a pretty young blonde in a ribbed gray sweater and black pants. "What can I get you, baby?" she asks. She's not talking to me but to the waitress who runs drink orders to the tables. Still, I lean forward to ask her name. Actually what I say is, "Mind if I ask your name?" She replies, cagily: "No, not at all. Go ahead." Now she's got me.

"Okay, what's your name?"

She smiles. "Heather."

St. Juke takes a sad song and makes it better
Steve Satterwhite
St. Juke takes a sad song and makes it better

Location Info


Fox's Sherron Inn

6030 S. Dixie Highway
South Miami, FL 33143

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: South Dade


Open daily from 11:00 a.m. through 2:00 a.m. and until 5:00 a.m. Call 305-661-9201.
6030 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami

Heather could be the one, my guardian angel. She claims to have worked at Fox's for only two weeks, but there's something about her that suggests she would have been comfortable slinging drinks back in 1946, when this place first opened. Maybe it's the fact she throws around a case of Budweiser and the word baby with equal aplomb. There's something timeless and divine at work here. But the place is now hopping, and Heather is busy fishing beers out of the cooler and mixing drinks. I can't get a word in. The moment disappears, like a set of keys you can't find. No use looking; it'll only drive you nuts.

I throw some money up on the bar and wander back to the juke. She's got a little wear on her and she's cheap, but she's also beautiful, she purrs, and, right at this moment, she's available. Did I say cheap? Hell, she's free. No change required. You just have to know how to push her buttons. I'm about to dial up one last tune for the road. Maybe a Christmas song after all: Bing Crosby's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" or Elvis's "Blue Christmas." Before I can decide, the current number -- Jimmy Buffett's "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes," for chrissakes -- sticks in her throat. "Some of the selections skip," confesses one of the waitresses, squeezing past me, "but George won't replace them." That's all right, I tell her. She's never missed a beat with me.

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