Letters to the Editor

From the issue of December 14, 2000

Within weeks of that encounter I read Robert Andrew Powell's article about the Hip Hop Kidz ("Her Brilliant Career," November 9), which included many photos. I rolled my eyes in exasperation as I recognized that my daughter's picture appeared to have been cropped from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade photo. (I have a copy of this photo in an album.) I am suspicious as to why a woman who claims to love children might purposely remove a picture of one of them.

No one will deny that Ms. Stone is a great choreographer, but a role model she is not. I still believe it is not the children she loves so much but rather the income they provide. As another ex-Hip Hop mom said to me: "It's a shame we didn't know about the article. What stories we could tell!"

Mary Steele

Editor's note: New Times cropped the Macy's parade photograph, not Suzy Stone. Design constraints prevented all the children from being included. Our apologies to any kids who were left out.

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