The Education of Shawn Lewis

Lesson #1: Hard work and an aptitude for computers can make a young man rich. Lesson #2: Some rich young men take to South Beach like fish to water. Lesson #3: South Beach is the shark. A young man with money is the bait.

Aside from Krave Lewis's companies now control the former Liquid nightclub, the Living Room, and a new club called Chikara; they also will open Joe Black's Bar and Grille. He has bought Ego Trip magazine, a pocket-size glossy that caters to club kids. His entertainment production company, Joe Black, is cosponsoring an upcoming music festival.

And that's only a small part of the overall plan, Donahue emphasizes. Hotels on South Beach and perhaps Las Vegas loom on the horizon. Internet entertainment companies. With Lewis's deep pockets, the possibilities abound.

Lewis himself insists he's committed to his new home. "My life is down here," he declares. "I'm not going anywhere. I may have lost the first battle, but I'm not going to lose the war. I'm much more comfortable today than six months ago. I've found my groove. I needed to become comfortable with myself."

His friends in Boston simply are hoping Lewis won't become overwhelmed by the "phonies" that cluster around the rich here. "Hopefully he'll hire trustworthy people to run things," Joseph Benson says. "I think he's been there long enough to know the score. It's hard when you get a lot of money. It's bound to breed a little arrogance. I don't think he's too bad. He's basically the same person he was before all this."

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