Listen Here, You Boneheads, We Ain't Broke so Don't Try and Fix Us

School board warmly embraces ethics commission

"I found most people have a knee-jerk reaction to most kinds of things. They react to what they read in the press, whether it's true or false. They react to it. Most of them don't sit down and figure things out for themselves. [Board member] Dr. Krop mentioned that he had read the definition of ethics as doing what's right when no one's looking. Who knows what right is? As far as I'm concerned, only one person knew what's right, and he got nailed to a cross.

"I always objected when somebody came to this microphone over the years and said, “I want you to vote right,' and maybe five minutes later somebody else on the other side of the issue said, “I want you to vote right.' And both of them had different definitions of what right was. I don't know what right is all the time. I know what I think is right at the time I voted, at the time I do it. But the minute I say, “I'm going to vote right,' or that I voted right, that means I've set myself up as all God almighty. I'm all-knowing and anybody voted against me is wrong. 'Cause I've set myself up as saying I voted right, I always vote right. That means anybody voted against me was voting wrong, 'cause I'm saying I know what right is. So this whole thing gives me problems. I'll probably support it with a lot of trepidation."

And so he did.

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