Don't Believe the HYPE!


HYPE isn't being lax about customer satisfaction either. Each month the wait staff will be taking part in an intensive training session on the finer points of professional table service, held by the well-regarded Ms. Stella Goldsmith, a former head waitress at Hooters. "Providing exceptional service means more than just wearing a tight T-shirt," explains Ms. Goldsmith. "It also entails knowing all sorts of details that will ensure a more gratifying experience for the patron and waiter alike, such as the proper sequence of courses, and how to connive people into buying alcoholic drinks and bottled water so you can hike up the bill and pocket more tips."

"We're very excited about HYPE," says Crony. "We think it has all the elements of a successful restaurant: great design, hip crowd, happening bar scene, harmless wait staff, two-for-one happy hour, karaoke Tuesdays, and a live gospel and hip-hop Sunday brunch." And the food? "Oh, yeah, that too," replies Crony with a wink.

Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton

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