Letters to the Editor

From the issue of November 16, 2000

Let us dwell for a moment on the social aspects of child abuse and sexual molestation. The vast majority of drug and alcohol addicts, prostitutes, rapists, and violent criminals have had a history of childhood abuse. We pay an obscene price in law enforcement, prisons, lost wages, and hospital bills that are due in no small part to the way some of our children are treated. The effects span generations.

Is it reasonable to provide a human sacrifice or two if the cannibal is the curer of cancer or has the answer to world peace? Do we execute the vagrant for murdering his drinking buddy but not the dedicated philanthropist who buries his family in the garden? Maybe these are questions Alex McIntire's former Mensa colleagues can ponder before they begin their moralizing and predictable and narrow-minded denials. Keep in mind that even great brains possess those little primal centers that are quite capable of the most animalistic of deeds and commit those deeds with regularity.

Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to vent. And may Alex McIntire's former stepdaughter Lisa Hamilton now find peace and dignity in her life. She did a brave and difficult thing.

Name Withheld by Request
via the Internet

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