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From the issue of October 19, 2000

James B. Tracton
via the Internet

Straight Guys Are the Problem
But the Scouts won't admit it: I am willing to bet that the scoutmasters and counselors in the Boy Scouts who molested Name Withheld by Request (October 12) were either married or had girlfriends. In almost every instance I have ever read or heard about, the molester is an otherwise heterosexual male taking advantage of young boys. Most of these men are not attracted to masculine characteristics but instead are attracted to the skinny, smooth-skinned “feminine” bodies of boys. Gay men are attracted to other men, not to children.

The Boy Scouts' policy of excluding gays will never root out heterosexual men like these, since they are the ones least suspected by parents and other adults.

Scott Toth

The Father Knows Best
Does this mean somebody is sinfully lying? The recent article by Jim DeFede, “Angels with Ice Picks” (September 21) has caused our community much grief. I am still receiving hostile mail and telephone calls, the nicer of which accused me of being “anti-American” and hypocritical.

As pastor of St. Philomena church, I think it is time I pointed out certain things. The article is full of falsehoods. The most serious is the accusation that I passively allowed speeches against the federal government's handling of the Elian Gonzalez case to be made from the altar. This is utterly untrue. At no time were such speeches made from the altar or anywhere else in the church. I personally invite anyone who is interested to visit our church (masses are at 8:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 6:00 p.m. Sundays) and ask members of the congregation whether they recall such speeches.

Like most churches in South Florida, for us the Elian saga was a very trying time. We had people on both “sides.” My public position as pastor was that we must pray for the physical and spiritual welfare of the child. Period. It is therefore reprehensible that people are all too willing to jump to false conclusions based upon one (very strange) side of the story and some juicy gossip.

Rev. Fr. Timothy A. Hopkins
The Shrine of Saint Philomena

Eladio's First Lesson
To invoke the Bible means to live by the Bible: Even though Eladio José Armesto is guilty of vandalizing our vehicle (I saw him and his friend puncturing our tires), he will not admit to it (“Letters,” October 12). He accuses my husband and I of searching for free publicity, accuses New Times of being a mediocre publication, and also accuses Jim DeFede of being a mediocre journalist. I have learned when a person tends to blame others for his shortcomings and wrongdoings, he becomes inimical to society.

Eladio, your behavior is unacceptable, distasteful, and worries those of us who abide by the law of this land. Your intolerance shows your lack of knowledge of how democracy works and how the United States guarantees freedom of speech. It's amazing you would ignore this constitutional right, since you publish a political pamphlet known mostly in Little Havana, El Nuevo Patria, an obscure, irrelevant publication that has not contributed to improving our county.

A refresher course is in order, as you have not learned to respect other people's ideas and values. You have not learned to respect other people's property, and you have not learned humility. Going to St. Philomena church has not edified you in any manner. When you invoke holy scripture, as you did in your letter, remember: Don't destroy your neighbor's property, don't fabricate stories, and develop a love for the truth.

Marisa Buonamia

Eladio's Second Lesson
Redemption and forgiveness in three easy steps: I'm not surprised that Eladio José Armesto has chosen to invoke the Bible in his latest round of chest-beating. Let's see, if I'm not mistaken, his letter about Jim DeFede was more concerned with expounding on Eladio himself than with refuting the violence he stands accused of committing.

All is not so bleak, however. Should Eladio be in dire financial straits and unable to pay the $1144 he owes us for new tires, an alternative can be suggested: (1) Serve the homeless at Camillus House for three consecutive Saturdays; (2) create a column in his newspaper helping battered women; (3) take a class on our constitutional laws and civic culture.

Arthur Buonamia

Bonus Lesson
When at a loss, you can always invoke bodily functions: I want to thank Jim DeFede for writing “Angels with Ice Picks,” another installment in his weekly mission to defecate on Cuban Americans. Isn't this the same idiot who wrote an article that was nothing more than a list of violent acts committed by Cuban Americans?

These articles serve no purpose but to spread hate. DeFede is a voice for the angry racist hicks who protested outside Miami with Confederate flags and KKK-type slogans. Jealousy's a bitch, huh?

Vale Timbales

Editor's note:
The idiot who wrote about politically motivated acts of violence by Cuban exiles (“The Burden of a Violent History,” April 20) was Jim Mullin, not Jim DeFede.

Owing to an editing error, Douglas Grant Mine's article “The Assassin Next Door, Part 2” (October 12) inaccurately reported that Gen. Augusto Pinochet last week had undergone his first round of interrogation by a Chilean magistrate. Pinochet's interrogation is expected to begin sometime in November.

A reporting error in Brett Sokol's “Kulchur” column (“The Battle Was Won but the War Continues,” October 12) led to the misspelling of Scott Southard's name. Southard works for the Boston-based International Music Network.

New Times regrets the errors.

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