Letters to the Editor

From the issue of October 5-11, 2000

Sorry, but I just can't feel sorry for airhead Art Buonamia. He should have kept his comments to himself and not spoken about a controversial incident such as the Elian Gonzalez case. We Cubans stick together. Some of us wanted Miguel Diaz de la Portilla as our new mayor, but definitely not Jay Love. At least Alex Penelas is Cuban American.

So next time, Art, go to church in West Palm Beach or Boca Raton. You might find someone who will lend you an ear. But please stay out of Little Havana! What's that saying: “If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

Elisabeth Boggs
West Kendall

Theme-park Slayers
Credit where it's due: Kirk Nielsen, in his article about the future of Watson Island (“Spoiled Island,” September 21), wrote that “Mayor Maurice Ferré pushed for a theme park on Watson Island but couldn't win backing from state planners, who were skeptical of the public financial benefits and concerned about its environmental impact.”

Not true.

The theme-park project was killed because my wife Annsheila and I, with the help of our attorney, Andy Hall, filed a lawsuit to stop the theme-park development. The City of Miami appealed the case to the Florida Supreme Court, where we were upheld. In fact one of the outcomes of that decision was to force the city to create legislation to provide a means to develop private/public partnerships.

Leonard Turkel
Miami Beach

Masters over Miami
You've been very very bad and you must be punished: Miami officials are trying to tell us that building cruise-ship terminals on Watson Island is a good deal. The cruise industry may be important, but if it has two less berths for its ships, I doubt the companies will leave. On the other hand, to take away parkland, increase traffic congestion, and heighten noise because cruise lines don't like scheduling their departures during the week sounds like a dubious benefit for local residents.

Remember, the cruise industry is our guest not our master.

James McCasland
Miami Beach

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