Woods Keeps Up the Swing

Meanwhile he is keeping busy on a book tour -- HarperCollins finally published the book under the William Morrow imprint this past July. And, Woods says, he also “consulted for [Mark] Soyka for about a minute.” According to the chef, he was hoping to head the kitchen at a Soyka acquisition in Broward County that was going to be called Josephine's. But he left in disgust when he was informed that the menu would largely be the same as the one at the Miami-Dade eateries Soyka and Van Dyke Café. “They told me I could do specials,” Woods snorts.

Jeremy Eaton

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Books & Books, Miami Beach

927 Lincoln Road, 118
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Region: South Beach


He signs books -- and dishes out the gumbo -- September 18. Call 305-532-3222.
Books & Books, 933 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach

Typically, though, Woods bounced back from the disappointment. He's running a Website called, where consumers can buy spices and African roots. He's got vague plans for another cookbook sometime in the future, on which HarperCollins holds an option. And he's living the life back in South Florida, an area he doesn't plan to leave again. “If for nothing but the weather, I love it here,” he admits. “I'd rather go through a hurricane any day than a Northeastern winter.” But the real reason, he says slowly, is the way former South Florida patrons have responded to him, one of the only African Americans in the celebrity chef business: “I've been blessed.”

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