Letters to the Editor

From the issue of September 14, 2000

Nightmare on Ocean Drive
Welcome to the world of Anastasia Monster of Art, where low art and the high life meet in an orgy of self-glorified kitsch
By Lissette Corsa

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
All rise for His Lordship the Prince:
I refer to the article of Ms. Lissette Corsa, “Nightmare on Ocean Drive,” published August 10, an interesting article about famous Anastasia Monster of Art. Unfortunately the author refers also to some lies of a certain Mr. Guy Stair Sainty, a painting dealer, who affirms that my name is not Paleologo, that I am or was a hairdresser, and am not a prince.

I did already reply to Mr. Sainty on the Internet, on Caltrap Corner, where you may find my letters and the letters of many persons from various countries who protest against what Mr. Sainty falsely affirms.

Of course my name is Paleologo, as by my birth certificate, passport, etc., etc., and my title and Rights of Prince have been recognized to my ancestors by popes and emperors, including the Heraldic Congregation of the Senate of Rome, under Pope Pius IX in 1860, and have also been recognized and confirmed to my late father and to me by the Courts of Justice of Italy (1961-1964), France (1990-1991), Russia, Moscow (July 24, 1997), Albania, etc., etc.

All these recognitions and judgments confirm that I have the legal right to confer knighthood and nobility.

Don't you think that emperors, popes, and judges have more legality and authority than the above painting dealer?

Prince Henri Paleologo
Cannes, France

His Sister's Keeper
Is Darrin McGillis a noble crusader for his late sister's kids, or a courtroom junkie who thrives on drama? Both, actually.
By Lissette Corsa

Extremism in the Defense of Children
Should be no sin:
I read Lissette Corsa's article “His Sister's Keeper” (July 27) and was very impressed by how much Darrin McGillis loved his late sister and tried to keep her children from being harmed. I would have done the same for my children.

I don't think the father of the two youngest ones should get those children even if he didn't murder their mother. God only knows what will happen to them next. To him the children are only a meal ticket. He doesn't care about them. If he did he would have been working and supporting them from the start.

As far as the Department of Children and Families goes, they should have done their jobs and checked it out when they were called so many times. Wendy might have been alive today, so I put a lot of blame on them. As for the Miami police, I believe they felt it was just another mother on welfare and didn't investigate enough.

Darrin is a hero here, and I hope he keeps going so the children are safe. The headline said it: He is his sister's keeper.

Emma Smith
via the Internet

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