Love and Violation, Part 3

Following death threats to alleged rape victim Bridget Garcia, two police departments open new investigations

I don't know why they've done this, Garcia says regarding the death threats. I don't know. I guess they're trying to scare me. They're doing a good job. I'm scared. I don't sleep at night, I don't.

Last week Aventura Det. James Cumbie, the same detective who investigated and discounted her rape claim, visited Garcia at her home in North Miami-Dade. The now-unemployed immigrant from St. Croix has sold much of her furniture, save her bed. Most of her clothes are stored in gray plastic garbage bags. She often sits in the house alone, in the dark. He asked me all about the newspaper article, Garcia recalls of her interview with Cumbie. He wanted to know where did I meet you and why did you come [interview me]. Did I call you? he asked. He wanted to know everything. He didn't like that story. He doesn't like the fact that I spoke to you. (Cumbie could not be reached for comment.)

Even with two police agencies now investigating, the State Attorney's Office also is considering what role to play, if any. The matter has been referred to the head of the sex-battery unit to have her review the whole situation to determine whether charges are appropriate, says spokesman Don Ungurait.

Bridget Garcia: The threats against her are under investigation
Jennie Zeiner
Bridget Garcia: The threats against her are under investigation

Greenhill family attorney Michael Snyder has little to say about the reopened investigation. It's news to me, he comments.

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