Letters to the Editor

From the issue of August 24, 2000

The thing that impressed me most was the lies told to the Cuban people in order to make them fearful enough to send their small children to a strange country and place them into unknown hands. This is a very important story and it must be told.

Marta Martin

The Wimp
Gary Dellapa's retirement from MIA comes not a moment too soon
By Jim DeFede

How to Succeed in County Government
If you're going to mess up, mess up big:
Gary Dellapa, the guy who runs the airport and was skewered by Jim DeFede (“The Wimp,” August 3), is the same guy who made the deal to buy the Country Club of Miami for Miami-Dade County. The club cost the county more than ten million dollars for starters. The Palm Beach owners had bought it for three million dollars on the courthouse steps in a bankruptcy sale. Then the clubhouse burned down.

With the purchase, though, the county did not get the whole enchilada. Hundreds of prime acres, including a golf course, housing, and commercial property, were not included in the county purchase. An absolute rape. The Palm Beachers must have made zillions on the country club deal after selling to developers who have now closed one of the golf courses, which cost six million to rebuild. It is now a rat-infested roach pasture. (I should know: I've been a Country Club of Miami resident for the past 30 years.)

For putting this deal together and bringing in the PGA Tour -- another terrible mistake -- Dellapa was rewarded with the top job at the airport.

Name Withheld by Request

His Sister's Keeper
Is Darrin McGillis a noble crusader for his late sister's kids, or a courtroom junkie who thrives on drama? Both, actually.
By Lissette Corsa

Politics and kids don't mix so well:
What a sad story by Lissette Corsa (“His Sister's Keeper,” July 27). Everyone involved had some kind of label to describe Darren McGillis but no one seemed to have any ideas regarding the welfare of the children. Like so many things in Miami, it has just become a power struggle involving some very small-minded and petty people who, in many cases, have their jobs as a result of political favors. Considering the dismal record of the state Department of Children and Families, agency workers certainly are not holding on to their jobs as a result of meritorious service.

Owing to the lack of any objective criteria for evaluating job performance, the DCF probably is the most politicized agency in state government. In spite of the fact that the DCF is a social service agency, its directors in Miami often seem to be picked from the top commercial litigation law firms, a sort of scholarship for the corporate lawyers.

Albert Batista
via the Internet

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