The Orient Distress


On both visits to Opium I was most looking forward to the dessert of “chilled lychee in ice box with almond milk pudding.” God, it sounded good, but they didn't have it either time. Caramelized banana in coconut milk was too sweet and one dimensional to stop the visions of litchis from dancing in my head, but crunchy slices of spiced apple tempura with red-bean ice cream did the trick.

If I was more galled than enthralled with my experience at Opium, it's because the staff's haughtiness wasn't even backed by talent. I mean, it's easier to tolerate an arrogant waiter if he's performing his work in a consummately professional way, but service here was laughably haphazard. Waiters roamed the room with plates, looking for people who appeared to be waiting for them. And our bus person's idea of cleaning the table after dinner was to swipe the crumbs onto the floor with his hand. Still, if you make reservations far enough in advance, request a regular table, and feel comfortable with this crowd, there's a chance you'll enjoy Opium quite a bit.

The meal would taste even better if everyone were treated like an A lister
Bill Cooke
The meal would taste even better if everyone were treated like an A lister

Location Info


Opium Hard Rock

5729 Seminole Way
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-6405

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Hollywood


Open for dinner daily, 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. 305-674-8630.


Vietnamese beef salad $12

Dynasty futomaki roll $11


Peppercorn filet $28

Whole snapper $26


Apple tempura with ice cream $7

136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

The room and food, as I've said, are just fine, and there's definitely a lively energy flowing through the space. If it should turn out you aren't treated like an A lister, after dinner you can enter the adjacent Amnesia and forget the whole thing.

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