Love & Violation

When Bridget Garcia came to work for Regina Greenhill, the two couldn't have been closer. Life couldn't have been sweeter. Then the nightmare descended.

“He was like an animal. He raped me. He raped me. He is brutish. I felt like I was going to die or pass out. I felt like I was in another world. I didn't believe it. It happened so fast and I was not expecting it, you know? I would never expect that, never. I knew he acted crazy but not like that. He ejaculated after about fifteen or twenty minutes at the most. He told me that if he still had his police license he would slash my throat. I was like, “Why?'

“He gets up and acts like he doesn't care. He acts normal, like nothing happened. I called him all type of names I could think of, all types of names. Then he said to me: “I bet you enjoyed it.' I was going out of my mind and he was just calm. I said to him: “You know something? I'm going to make a police report of it.' He said, “Nobody's going to believe you. You're black. You don't have any money and you can't defend yourself. Nobody's going to believe you.'

“I took a shower. I couldn't believe it. It was like I couldn't believe it happened. Then I waited until Regina woke up. I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen. He was reading a book or whatever. He's sick. Sick.

Condos, golf courses, and a shopping mall: That's Aventura
Condos, golf courses, and a shopping mall: That's Aventura

“When she woke up I was crying. I went in and I sat next to her and I told her everything. She cried. She had no trouble believing me. She was very sad for me. She kept saying, “Honey, I'm sorry. He promised me he was over that, that he would never do that again.' She said, “I'm very sorry. I'm sorry he hurt you. She came out after and he didn't deny it to his mother. I went back into the kitchen and she spoke to him. She said, “You promised me, Daniel, this would never happen again. What have you done to me?'

“Regina called Joel. I think she called his home first, then his office where he works. She didn't eat what I prepared for her, the dinner. I told her to eat but she says she's not hungry and to just make her a hot cup of tea. I stayed the full day, until 10:30. He was there the whole time. That was hard, it was. But I did everything for Gina. Not him, just Gina.

“When I was going home that evening he came to the door. And he told me to keep it between the both of us. I would probably have sweet dreams of him, he said with a smirk on his face. He said, “I bet you enjoyed every bit of it.' I hate that man.

“The next morning I was late for work. She kept calling me, calling my house. She said she needed me, please come in. She needed me. And I said to her, “Gina the car is not working.' I lied. That is the first time I lied to her.”

(Daniel has always denied sexually assaulting Bridget. “I never touched her,” he says from Israel. “I never came near her. I would not have lowered myself in any case.”)

Later that day, after her fib to Regina about the car, one day after the alleged rape, Bridget was fired. She says the Greenhill family's estate attorney, Barry Nelson, called to inform her that her services no longer were needed. He instructed her to visit the lobby at the Bonavida to pick up some personal items she had left behind at Regina's. (Nelson declined to discuss the situation surrounding Bridget's termination.)

Before returning to the Bonavida, Bridget didn't tell anyone about Daniel. She kept quiet, she says, because she didn't want to hurt Regina. “I tried to hold it in but it was very hard,” she explains. “In my mind I was thinking of Gina. She asked me not to say anything for her sake. She didn't want the condo to know about it. But it turned out it was her vice president from her condo who called the Aventura police.”

Bridget is referring to Saul Cooper, a former member of the condo's board of directors. Cooper was in the Bonavida's management office on the morning of October 13 when Bridget came to retrieve her belongings. He noticed something was bothering her and persuaded her to open up to him. “She told me the son had touched her and had tried to have sex with her,” Cooper recalls. “I could tell something was very wrong. It was my obligation as vice president of the Bonavida to call the police if I see something wrong, so I called Chief Ribel.”

Two Aventura police officers came out to the condo to interview Bridget. She did not tell them about a rape, according to the report they later filed. Instead she only offered that Daniel had assaulted her, twice. The officers asked if she had been dressed in an enticing manner. They asked her if she had led on Daniel in any way. Then they went upstairs to visit with Daniel. Reporting officer Mike Giordano wrote, “I spoke with Mr. Greenhill, who said that the accusation is false.” Daniel also said he would be returning to Israel in six days. The police never interviewed Regina about Bridget's allegations, nor did they investigate further. Bridget was referred to the State Attorney's Office if she wanted to pursue the matter.

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