The Cheat Is On

The Heat continues its disgusting betrayal of public trust with a nifty assist from spineless county commissioners

In 1996 lawyer Dan Paul organized the Committee to Stop the New Arena. That group lost its footing when Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas, Heat executives, and others threw down a lot of rhetorical banana peels, like the idea for a soccer field, a park, and other nice stuff. Might Paul create a Committee to Stop the New Arena Shopping Mall? Nope. But the crusading lawyer does call the plan a further breaking faith with the electorate and a further desecration of the waterfront.

So now only the county commission can keep the arena complex from consuming more bayfront. But if recent history is any gauge, the Heat Group will likely wind up with more than a Margaritaville and a few shops. Throw eleven bunches of rotting bananas against the wall and who knows? Some might stick.

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