It's About the Money, Stupid

Long, long ago the county promised to build a sports complex in South Miami Heights

Waymon Bannerman, chief of staff to county Commissioner Dennis Moss, does not endorse Burnside's conspiratorial views, though he contends the strong passions generated by football are a factor behind the push to build the stadium. Most high schools in Miami-Dade play football in shared community stadiums. According to Bannerman Southridge's Burnside and community development agency president Larry Jones are seeking what can be fairly viewed as a luxury: a home field of their very own. “My opinion is that they want the stadium to support their sporting program and all the quote-unquote championships [Southridge has] won,” Bannerman asserts. “I don't think the need is there, at least not as bad as Mr. Jones makes it out to be sometimes.”

Bannerman, who lives in South Miami Heights, explains there are other parks where neighborhood kids can play. He and Commissioner Moss dedicated the new Roberta Hunter Park last Saturday, June 24. Children toss Frisbees across an open field and play on a tot lot next to Caribbean Elementary School. And the county is improving Eureka Park, which already is large enough to host organized youth sports.

“Nevertheless,” Bannerman concludes, referring to the promised Southridge stadium, “we are going to work with it to make sure it comes through.”

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