Letters to the Editor

Letters from the issue of June 22, 2000

I will not discuss Ms. Karetnick's assumptions and speculations about why the concept did not work. If, as Ms. Karetnick stated, the world expected a Mexican hacienda, then yes, she was right: Mayya was not the one. But neither was Yuca a bodega. And that's exactly the point Mayya wanted to make. You can be Mexican and elegant and upscale at the same time. But maybe Florida is not the place to prove it. One may lose his shirt in the process.

There are many good reasons why Mayya did not become the success it intended to be. Ms. Karetnick touched upon some of them rather superficially. Her intent was obvious: to get the gossip out, to smear, to slander. So many innuendoes, so much irrelevant information, so many wrong people quoted.

Nadia S. Edwards
Sunny Isles Beach

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