Letters to the Editor

Letters from the issue of June 15, 2000

Mike DePaz

Hackin' at the Herald
The Miami Herald took on the world's biggest news story -- and flopped
By Ryan Lizza

The Ferre Scorecard
I never miss New Times because there is more meaningful information about our town in your newspaper than anywhere else. I also appreciate your accuracy and good journalism. But I disagree with Ryan Lizza's "Hackin' at the Herald" (May 11). I too have had many problems with the Miami Herald in the past, but I do think that in this case the paper has done objective and balanced reporting on the Elian Gonzalez issue.

Maurice A. Ferre

We Have Met the Enema
I would like to thank Jim DeFede for his article "Bananas" (May 11). I almost shot beer out of my nose reading it! I am now firmly convinced that if we were to give Florida an enema, we'd have to stick the tube in Miami.

And as a tribute to what the right-wing fanatical Cubans have done to this once glorious city, may I suggest a bust of Jorge Mas Canosa made out of the extra asphalt he always seemed to have around, complete with a yellow stripe up the back. That would not only represent the roadways he may or may not have paved, but it would also pose a question: If Florida becomes comunista, where would Cubans flee to next?

Kendal Morton

Erratum: Owing to a reporting error in Ted B. Kissell's article about onerous school district fees for public documents ("A Lesson in Obstruction," June 8), attorney Sanford Bohrer was incorrectly identified as counsel for WPLG-TV. Mr. Bohrer, who represents New Times and the Miami Herald, has provided legal services to the station in the past.

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