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Letters from the issue of June 15, 2000

Morningside Park is a public park, supported by all the residents of the City of Miami. Most of its users are (or were) members of racial and ethnic minorities who lived outside of the Morningside neighborhood. They have just as much right to go in and out of the park without being stopped and surveilled as do Morningside residents.

Morningside homeowners have no "right of expectation" of being insulated from parkgoers. They bought their homes in a neighborhood that included a large and heavily used park. Past and present City of Miami commissioners and mayors, who publicly decry racism, should be especially ashamed for having countenanced this outrage.

If a neighborhood in any other city tried to barricade a park from that city's own residents the attempt would be over as quickly as it started. Just another example of the City of Miami being a national embarrassment.

Richard H. Rosichan
Miami Beach

Morningside: Nothing Much to Hide
Kathy Glasgow obviously does not live in Morningside, nor has she been there on a weekend when the park is full of people. On Memorial Day weekend I walked my dog to the park at 9:00 a.m. While I was walking around I counted seventeen families with barbecues going, enjoying a nice day in the park. Out of the seventeen families there was not one white family -- not one. (So much for Ms. Glasgow's theory on apartheid.)

If any people are intimidated by the guard gates, they clearly are not comfortable with themselves. Maybe they're thinking of doing something wrong. A normal person does not just turn around if they see a guard gate. They are not being stopped and asked questions and they are not being turned away. If you have nothing to hide, the gates mean nothing!

Why doesn't Kathy Glasgow try coming to Morningside? She can look around, drive to the park. I would be willing to bet she is not stopped and asked questions. She will not be turned away. And by chance if she took the time to talk to the residents, she would see that Morningside is a beautiful community that is only trying to keep itself safe.

Name Withheld by Request

The Return of Loco Joe
Miami's mayoral meltdown has a long and nasty history
By Tristram Korten and Jose Luis Jimťnez

Laughter, the Best Medicine Against Locos
I don't usually comment about newspaper articles, but when I read the headline "The Return of Loco Joe" and saw the way Mayor Carollo appeared on your cover (May 18), I believe I may have added ten years to my life from laughing so much and so hard.

I did read the entire story by Tristram Korten and Jose Luis Jiménez, and I have to say I am among the many individuals who feel the only reason Carollo fired Donald Warshaw was the fact that Mr. Warshaw did not notify the mayor about the raid on Elian's Miami relatives' home hours, minutes, or even seconds before it actually took place.

What pissed me off about Loco Joe's firing of Mr. Warshaw was the way he tried to make it seem as though his motivation had nothing to do with his disapproval of Elian's seizure by federal agents. With all due respect, I have just four words for Mayor Carollo: Give me a break!

How dare he take us for fools. A person of such character is not to be trusted.

Faylor St. Hilaire
North Miami Beach

And Now This Report from Our Pyongyang Bureau
I am writing in reference to the many articles New Times has published recently about Joe Carollo and the Cuban-American community. I am an Irish American, and I feel disgusted with your newspaper. It seems you are pro-communist and anti-democratic.

From reading one of the many articles against this community, which is mine too, New Times seems have friends called activists. Who are they? Are they communists or what? They should be living and practicing their ideals in Cuba, China, or North Korea, not living well in our democratic country.

New Times is a disgrace to this nation and this city. It should be taken from the newsracks.

Mary King
Coral Gables

A Bird? A Plane? Maybe a Blimp?
The University of Miami's new logo is a mystery to the very kids it was intended to please
By Robert Andrew Powell

UM Gets the Bird on This One
With many talented University of Miami graphic-design students and many local design firms such as mine, I find it rather cozy how UM got Nike, supplier of nearly all athletic uniforms to the school, to design the hideous new ibis logo ("A Bird? A Plane? Maybe a Blimp?" May 18).

This represents all that is wrong with design today. As Robert Andrew Powell noted, the people it was meant for can't understand it, the rival schools will obviously make fun of it, and even if it's meant as the eighth alternate version, it's horrible. Shame on you, UM, for giving Nike yet another chance to subliminally hide their swoosh on the bird's wing. Talk about branding.

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