Letters to the Editor

Letters from the issue of June 15, 2000

Maybe Rick will learn a lesson by trying to understand the true meaning of Powell's article. I think Alex Penelas now understands that he erred in the Elian controversy. Let's hope Rick gets the same message.

Joe Berlin
Miami Beach

When the Monkey Girls Give the Dog His Due
I just loved the article about Dick (oops!), I mean Rick Sanchez. I can't tell you how disgusted I get every time I have to hear him say, "Yet another hit-and-run accident here in Miami." Given his driving record, he is a truly cold-blooded guy when it comes to asking delicate questions of people.

Well, as they say, every dog has his day. I'm sure the day will come when I turn to Channel 7 and see one of those monkey-girl anchors (Belkys or Lynn) with a "breaking" news story about their own beloved anchor Dick (oops, sorry!), I mean Rick Sanchez.

Linda Kelly

And Then You'll Be Offered a Million-Dollar Contract
After reading "Rick ... or Red?" I came to the realization that Mr. Sanchez personifies all that is wrong with Miami. In fact I'm so damned pissed that I think I'll run my car into some knave and give him a dirt nap. Later I'll go home to have a Rolling Rock or five, then come back to the accident scene to sign autographs and insult the cops' intelligence.

David Magnusson

Back To You, Noodle Brain
Whatever else Rick Sanchez may or may not be, there is one thing he is definitely not -- a competent newsman. Why he holds the anchor chair at Channel 7 has always been a mystery to me. I was told by another WSVN employee that they have a nickname for him: Noodle Brain. Oh for the days of Ann Bishop.

The beauty of television is that even if you don't have cable, there are many alternatives for news.

Name Withheld by Request

Strung-Out Free Weekly Mainlines Newsplex
"Rick...or Red?" was a disgusting hack job. It was also unbelievably unethical since you combined actual transcripts from Channel 7 broadcasts with your fictional horseshit! You criticize Channel 7 for having little journalistic integrity but you are all hypocrites because you obviously have none at all.

Maybe you should consider spending your time working on real stories and your paper's circulation might go up -- and maybe, just maybe you might be able to charge for it. Right now it's just a free pile of paper that people use to line the bottom of the bird cages and clean up after their dogs.

Robert Andrew Powell's article not only insulted Rick Sanchez but it also degraded the hard work of countless people at Channel 7. Those "lackeys" in the background are dedicated people who put out a product that reaches far more people and makes a lot more money than yours does now and can ever hope to.

If you don't like Channel 7 you are entitled to express your opinion, but at least do it in a mature way, not with some childish story. Also, if you were the least bit aware of the state of television news in South Florida today, you would realize that channels 4, 6, and 10 are all desperately trying to copy the Channel 7 style, which, God forbid, tries to inform in a way that won't put viewers to sleep.

Maybe if you spent more time working on your paper and less time watching Channel 7 (for a station you hate so much you clearly watch a lot), you would put out a paper that had more stories than ads.

If you don't like Channel 7, turn it off!

Kevin Ramos
Coral Gables

Marlon Bids Farewell
I have been a dedicated reader of your paper for many years. Every week after school I would always run to the corner to catch the latest New Times. But I'm no longer going to do that. I can no longer support a paper that displays hatred toward the Cuban people of Miami.

Every week you continue to show us how much you love us Cubans by putting us down. Your conspiracy theory against Rick Sanchez was a joke! I couldn't stop laughing at the idiot who wrote this. I mean, c'mon, don't you people have something better to write about?

And I cannot believe you allow prejudiced jerks like Jim DeFede to continue to write for your paper. I'm proud to say that I will never read another issue of New Times!

Marlon Alvarez

Stefan Says Good Riddance
"Rick or Red" was obviously tongue-in-cheek satire. Why waste space printing letters from those too dim-witted to realize that?

Stefan Ferentz
Miami Beach

Beautiful Schemers
The low end of the South Beach modeling scene is a tangle of lies, violent threats, and bad manners
By Tristram Korten

In the Business of Acting, Avoid the Bad Actors
Thanks for Tristram Korten's article on Jerry Babij and Image, his acting and modeling agency ("Beautiful Schemers," May 25). As a drama teacher at the Wolfson campus of Miami-Dade Community College, I've had some contact with clients of Image over the years. Their stories follow the same pattern: They see Image's advertisement and show up at the office, where they are told something to the effect of "how talented" they are and how much work they will get.

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