Letters to the Editor

Letters from the issue of June 8, 2000

And Boy, Will He Fill Those Balloons
Hats off to you for your article on Rick Sanchez, South Florida's sorry excuse for a news anchor! Coming from a journalistic family (my grandfather was the chief photographer for the Associated Press), I was raised to believe the job of a journalist is to provide factual, unbiased, truthful information to the American public. On a nightly basis the entertainers at WSVN puke out their sensationalized, opinionated bullshit and then have the nerve to refer to themselves as journalists!! What an insult to anyone with a brain!

When the American people put their feet down and demand truth in media, Sanchez hopefully will get himself a clown costume and hand out balloons at the flea market; that's about all he is qualified to do!!

Laura Stenicky
Hillsboro Beach

We "Think" You're Brilliant!
Why don't you write a story on actual news and not something you "think" is clever. If you really believe Rick Sanchez's broadcasting style contributed to the "civic unrest that followed the removal of Elian Gonzalez" from Little Havana (totally ridiculous, so let me guess. If Rick Sanchez wasn't on the air, everything would have been fine? Yeah, right!), it would be hypocritical not to admit that this newspaper contributed to turning most Anglos and blacks against the Cuban-American community with its racist comments and articles. This story about Rick Sanchez proved to me that this paper will try to attack and make fun of anyone just for kicks who is in the public eye and is a Cuban. I have definitely come to the conclusion that this is the most anti-Cuban paper that I have ever read. I don't think that there has been a single edition in the last few months that didn't include plenty of Cuban bashing. Your message is loud and clear New Times and we definitely get it.

Dianelys Gonzalez

C'mon, Rick, Respond
Your article on Rick Sanchez being a communist spy has got to be the most hilarious article I have read in a long time. A lot of what you said I have found to be true, but I wasn't sure whether others felt the same way. Personally I do not feel as though Rick Sanchez has any journalistic skill. I truly feel that he got the anchor position because he's an arrogant *sshole and Channel 7 needs that for their ratings. I find myself watching their news because it starts at 10:00 p.m. If all the other channels started at the same time, I would probably stay with Channel 10 (WPLG-TV). It is the only station that gives the news from all points of view.

Now Sanchez should defend himself live on the ten o'clock news. That would make the history books as the best interview for the new millennium. Continue writing these controversial articles. They make many of us proud that we're not the only ones who feel a certain way!

Suzanne E. Scotchman
via the Internet

Castro Backs Us
As a founding member of the Cuban Research and Analysis Group (out of the University of New Mexico) and as one of the owners of the Cuba-L list service, I really have to commend you for your thoroughly enjoyable article on Rick Sanchez! I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who thought this guy was the furthest thing I'd ever seen from an unbiased journalist! Thank you very, very much!

Jacira Castro
via the Internet

Sanchez's Nattering Must Go
Thank God somebody said it! Sanchez is an instigating idiot. Channel 7 is bad enough, but he is unbelievable. Great story; I just have one question: Was any of it true? It would be nice if we were rid of his babbling.

Wendy Pelletier
Fort Lauderdale

And a Backslapping Thanks, Mister
Great writing on the "Rick ... or Red" story; keep up the great work!

Dan Meadows
via the Internet

Backslapping II
I enjoyed your clever article on Sanchez. Keep up the good work!

Ken Mylott
Lake Worth

Boxing Banter
An 82-year-old political heavyweight spars with a firefighter half his age, and the fans go wild
By Jose Luis Jimťnez

Jeez, Our Back Is Sore
Jose Luis Jiménez's article "Boxing Banter" (June 1) made me laugh so hard I spilled my cortadito. Keep the dry-cleaning bills coming.

Steve Ferentz
Miami Beach

Land of the Rich and Home of the White
Morningside is supposed to be open to the public. So why is it closed off like a private club?
By Kathy Glasgow

Sore? These Folks Are, too.
Kathy Glasgow's article on Morningside ("Land of the Rich and Home of the White," May 25) is an appallingly poorly researched and shallow anecdotal piece aimed at inflaming a community already raw from the Elian situation. What is shocking is what is not included in the article. There is no mention of the history of the effort to install guard gates in Morningside or the public scrutiny and election necessary to attain that goal.

More than 30 communities in Miami-Dade County are gated; the statistics clearly show that such facilities deter crime. Morningside sought to build gates, not to keep anyone of color out of the area or away from the park, but to send a message to criminals that residents no longer tolerate that activity. Many people have been burglarized, robbed at gunpoint, had cars stolen, and endured the sight of used condoms from prostitution. Unfortunately the City of Miami has not had the resources, despite the high tax rate, to properly protect Morningside and Upper Eastside residents. Because it became increasingly obvious that the police presence in the area was minimal and ineffective, residents chose to protect themselves and pay for it.

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