Letters to the Editor

Letters from the issue of May 18, 2000

One example: In response to the hundreds of calls of support I've received from people I don't even know, I tried to involve former state Supreme Court Justice Gerald Kogan and the Alliance for Ethical Government (he is paid to head the alliance). But they just blew it off because they were so busy. I had suggested to the judge that they pay someone to go to meetings and then put the information online, but he claimed that was not their mission and they did not have the budget. That is ironic, because my solitary efforts have affected the expenditure of about $100 million in taxpayer money.

I wish I were more upbeat, but this town has finally taken its toll on me.

Daniel Ricker

Off the Beat
It's very sad to see that the only reliable newspaper in town is losing its credibility. I refer to "Best of Miami" and your choice of Claudio Silva as "Best Percussionist." How could you not ask the opinions of real Brazilian musicians who can tell you who is real and who is a joke? Let's try something: If this guy can tell the difference between 2/2 and 5/4, I promise to say I am sorry.

Ask the real Brazilian musicians like Ary Piassarollo (guitar), Tonia Elizabeth (vocals), Erica Norimar (vocals), Saulo Ferreira (piano). Or even ask the Americans, any professional, any person who likes music and know something about it.

Shame on you. This makes your awards look not serious. Next time do better research and do not believe in résumés.

Louis Ferreira
via the Internet

Donato's Closet
When an INS officer confronted el Pescador and Elian, he didn't know what he was facing
By Bob Norman

Donato Reeled Me In
It's about time someone like Bob Norman brought out the facts about Donato Dalrymple ("Donato's Closet," May 4). This man is not true to his word and we should never have been taken in. Initially I thought his intentions were honorable. I'm sure many of us thought that. But his only interest from the beginning was to make a quick buck. Obviously it's going to take longer than he expected.

After seeing him in that closet with Elian Gonzalez during the rescue, it was obvious he's just trying to ensure his place in the movie version. As he stood there after the operation and said, "America, what have you done to this child?" I couldn't help but wonder the same thing about him: Donato, what have you done to Elian? It should have been clear from the beginning that he was up to something, and finally New Times brought it out of the closet. Your paper is a breath of fresh air in a city whose breath is full of -- . Well, we'll just leave it at that.

Name Withheld by Request

Elian Made a Tough Guy Cry
After Miami Police Chief William O'Brien retired, a lot of people were left misty-eyed
By Jose Luis Jimťnez

No Need to Weep, It's Just Politics
Was Jose Luis Jiménez's article about outgoing Miami Police Chief William O'Brien ("Elian Made a Tough Guy Cry," May 4) supposed to bring tears to my eyes? Get real, New Times. Despite having declared he was "not a politician," Chief O'Brien made a tough political choice, nothing more. The nonpolitical choice would have been to entrust Mayor Joe Carollo with the supposed "privileged" information he had received.

What Jiménez (or Chief O'Brien) didn't say is that the measure of a community's cohesiveness is directly proportional to that exhibited by its executives. Arguably the chief's actions were violative of the trust that is supposed to exist between the mayor and the city's chief of police. Failure to act in good faith should be grounds for dismissal (this is true in any language), unless of course the chief's actions were prompted by "higher considerations." Frankly that notion scares me more than all those "crazy Cubans" fighting to keep Elian here. A little indignation is not always a bad thing. Just ask those who have had to endure the Holocaust, Pol Pot, and Castro's brand of communism.

Next time Jose Luis Jiménez writes a story he ought to give a little more thought to what certain people have had to endure. Perhaps then he'll better assess the real world of politics and sharpen the senses that have grown weak from too many years of freedom gone uncontested. Perhaps then he'll stop writing those fairy tales.

Manny Losada

City Manager Perez-Roura? Police Chief Ninoska? Finance Director Tamargo? Public Works Director Garcia Fuste?
As a resident and voter in the City of Miami, it occurs to me that we are needlessly spending a lot of money on the city commissioners and the mayor: their salaries, their staffs, the overhead of city hall offices, the expense of elections, et cetera. The Miami City Commission majority, when it upheld Mayor Carollo's firing of City Manager Donald Warshaw, based its decision on the opinions of callers to Cuban radio stations. We could save a huge amount of time and money -- and help dig our city out of its financial problems in the process -- if we were simply to cut out the middlemen.

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