Riding the Tiger

Four years ago Ferre endured a brutal campaign in his losing bid for county mayor against Penelas and Art Teele. Today he is 64 years old. Does he have the stamina to mount another grueling crusade? He won't say.

In a way the next step is up to the community. People who want these individuals to run for mayor should give them a call. It seems unlikely that any of them will jump into the race without lots of prodding and encouragement. Perhaps Silver, Sorenson, and Ferre should discuss it privately, determine who is in the best position to beat Penelas, and seek the support of the other two. Heck, New Times would even pick up the tab for lunch if the three of them wanted to sit down and talk about it. And if Diaz de la Portilla wants to come along and plead his case, that's fine, too.

Just as long as everyone remembers this: Penelas must go.

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