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In response to Alex Penelas's inflammatory Elian speech, hundreds of citizens labeled him a demagogue, a coward, and a traitor. And those are just the epithets we can print.

I always thought of you and defended you as a moderate and rational voice in our community. Boy, was I wrong!

-- Jlfernandez

I am of Cuban descent and I have a lot of family still in Cuba. I am embarrassed by the Cuban community's blatant disregard of the law, and I am embarrassed by your statements in support of keeping Elian away from his father. I have supported you in the past but I will not ever support you again in any political office you may run for. I believe your statements to be irresponsible and thoughtless.

Mayor Alex Penelas received more than 1000 messages, nearly all of them expressing anger
Steve Satterwhite
Mayor Alex Penelas received more than 1000 messages, nearly all of them expressing anger

-- Rebeccabakker

I want you to know that I have been extremely impressed with your professionalism, honesty, and intelligence over the last few years of your tenure. I felt that someday you would be an excellent candidate for governor or even president of this country. With your idiotic speech this afternoon inciting further community unrest and disrespecting the laws of this country, it is very evident that your loyalties are not to this country. I guarantee now I will never support you for anything. You disgust me.

-- Tomsease

You were completely irresponsible by stating that if the government of these United States sends Elian back to Cuba, whatever happens here in this particular city will be the responsibility of Janet Reno and the president of the United States. You know and I know this is an election year. And speaking of election, I sent your re-election $100. If the check has not been cashed, I will pay whatever the bank charges to put a stop-payment on that check.

You should lead as a responsible head of this city, not encouraging lawlessness, which in my personal opinion is what you did this afternoon.

-- GEsposito

I am sad that we have lost another promising young leader to the dirt of politics.

-- MsBandLady

I can only hope that I am counting the days until we think of the name of Mayor Penelas as being as big a joke as that of Mayor Suarez.

-- JSmith5515

The complexity of the situation notwithstanding, your comments yesterday regarding possible bloodshed and the official lack of county cooperation with federal agencies were appalling and represent a new low in local mob rule.

-- Genereux

Your actions to hijack our police department are disgusting. When Hurricane Andrew came, it was the federal government that helped us, not you. You are now joining the mobs and sacrificing the safety of law-abiding citizens of this county. I am a Democrat but I'd rather vote for [Superman archenemy] Lex Luthor than for a divisive coward like you.

-- Robertoea

You are irresponsible. You are doing nothing more than catering to a cause that seeks to disrupt the city. By pitting yourself against the federal government, you are further tightening a noose around the neck of this already choking city.

-- Tpmail01

I thought you were a leader with integrity. Now I see you for the pathetic, vote-grabbing, sensationalistic politician that you are.

-- BMGibson

You have sealed your political fate. You will never be elected to anything outside the Banana Republic. What an embarrassment for us all!

-- Ward68

If you have any national aspirations, I hope your words of yesterday are played on an endless loop.

-- Aquawo2771

Your comments regarding the Gonzalez situation were unbelievable, your pandering to the Hispanic community apparent, your total disregard for the Constitution of the United States appalling, and your lack of respect for your non-Hispanic constituents and the federal government unforgivable.

Do you think for one minute that the intelligent, voting citizens of this community were not listening? For you to presume that we would stand behind you and thumb our noses when asked to uphold the laws of this country is outrageous.

May your future in politics be short lived for the sake of us all!

-- Icain

As a resident of Surfside, I just wanted to tell you I hope you enjoy being a politician in South Florida, because I believe your remarks yesterday indicating that local police forces would not interfere in the Gonzalez matter have put to rest any ambitions of a greater Florida or national position.

-- Michael

I was brought up in Miami prior to the Cuban invasion, and it was a much more wholesome place than it is today. There are too many Cubans living [in Miami], and if they don't like the way we do things in this country, then they should be repatriated.

-- Barryc

The mayor doesn't want to uphold the law? Then he should return to Cuba and struggle against the regime on his own soil. That would be macho.

-- Pole

I support your stance in your refusal to be a patsy for the feds.

-- ESL1234

I read how you let Bill Clinton, America's first communist president, and Janet Reno, the attorney general and head of the Dept. of Injustice, know that your police department would not assist the feds if they try to return Elian to communist Cuba. Bravo!

It's about time people started standing up to the bastards in this administration. If we had real Americans in the White House and Congress, there would not be a question!

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