On Avant-Garde in Little Havana

"Welcome to the Hood"

Adalberto Delgado would agree. He is a video artist and a veteran from NADA, a group of artists that includes Tony Allegro, Fred Snitzer, Jane Paparelli, and José Gonzalez-Boada. "I grew up in this neighborhood," says Delgado, who was the first to move to SW Sixth Street. He wants to offer exhibition opportunities to newcomers. "When I first moved, there was nobody here, and it looked pretty bad. A botánica at the corner ... and a secondhand thrift store trying to make it. As the guys moved, things got better," he says, referring to his fellow artists. Still, few are living off their art alone. (Delgado dabbles with Websites and dot.coms to support his family.)

New man in town Gerardo Gonzalez-Quevado's Rehearsal in Wedding
New man in town Gerardo Gonzalez-Quevado's Rehearsal in Wedding


Runs through May 19. Call 305-324-0585 or 305-326-0800 for more information.
More studio crawls are planned at 6street visual arts collective, 1155 to 1165 SW 6th St.

North on Twelfth Avenue, a sign announces the recent opening of Freddie's pizzeria, a multiculti dive that offers live music on Saturday nights. The night after crawling through Welcome to the Hood, we returned with a bunch of friends and hung at Freddie's until past midnight. To a group of mostly Central Americans, a Cuban balsero sang mariachi songs. Later we danced to Freddie's improvised pregones, set to salsa rhythms from a tape. Finally the night ended with excerpts from Nestor Diaz de Villegas's poetry, inspired by the Marquis de Sade. Now that's total cultural immersion.

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