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Letters from the issue of March 9, 2000

Someone stated that she chose to side with the Miami relatives because she has to live in the community. I think she is just so senile she was easy to influence. For years I have heard of Sister Jeanne, the respected head of Barry University. Now she has shown it is time to put her out to pasture before she does more damage. Thanks to Jim DeFede for having the courage to say that. I know he'll take lots of heat in letters to the editor. And I can't wait to read them.

Richard Behrendt

Sister Jeanne: Hysterically Flustered Schoolmarm?
Jim DeFede's "The Flighty Nun" pretty well summarized my feelings about Sister Jeanne. She has revealed herself to be a flustered, emotional old woman who lacks the good judgment to be neutral in this matter, and she never should have yielded to the invitation to make a public statement following the meeting. That's kind of like a priest holding a press conference after hearing your confession.

Her subsequent trip to Washington to help Elian's Miami relatives clearly shows a lack of compassion for Juan Miguel Gonzalez and Elian's grandparents. She seems to have been caught up in the exile hysteria that makes anything okay as long as it can be rationalized as fighting Castro. Fidel will pass on when his time comes. Keeping Elian from his rightful family will not expedite Castro's demise.

Sister Jeanne should mind her school and promote the completion of the repaving of North Miami Avenue alongside the university. Those barricades have been up a long time, sister. How about a trip to county hall?

John E. Brown

Sister Jeanne: Manipulated Mortal?
Judas's kiss comes to mind when I think about Sister Jeanne revealing that one of Elian's grandmothers allegedly wanted to defect. To reveal matters that might endanger another is contrary to my understanding of the Catholic Church's teachings. While not a Catholic, I attended a Catholic school as a boy and was taught that when I spoke to a nun or priest in private, it was kept private. It was a matter of sanctuary, so to speak, a safe haven in times of trouble.

I find it difficult to believe this woman of God would compromise herself and the church had she not been manipulated by outside forces. Were Sister Jeanne the "flying nun," she could easily rise above the storm clouds. As it is, being earthbound, she is subject to the same condition that afflicts us all: being human.

Clyde Cates
South Miami

Goon Over Miami Part 2
Clubland king Chris Paciello ain't exactly a Mafia don. But it sure seemed he was headed that way.
By Tristram Korten

Not to Worry, It's Just a New Yorker Talkin' Trash
In reference to Tristram Korten's article about Chris Paciello ("Goon Over Miami, Part Two," February 17), I ask you to name the club owner who wouldn't pay to have knowledge of which nightclub is going to be raided. They lose thousands of dollars. If you should learn anything about people from New York, it is that they have big mouths. They get angry and they have a lot to say. It's their way of releasing steam. Do we believe them when they speak this way? Hell no!

Chris may have had a lot to say. What would you expect? His right-hand man left him. He's hurt and angry. Even if he was tape-recorded making threats, that's no big deal. He's from New York. New Yorkers are known for their stupid threats. And even though there was round-the-clock protection, no one was hurt.

If there was a mistake made, it was to trust a [former] New York cop. (Not exactly a credible source.) This cop probably took the dinners, gifts, and money and got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The feds then used him to tape anything they could get on Chris to save his own ass. And the rat gets a medal.

Chris established himself as a businessman on the Beach at a very young age. That made a lot of people very jealous. The trouble he's in now has nothing to do with his affairs here but with whatever happened in New York. That happened years ago. Let's let justice serve as the judge. Remember, we are all innocent until proven guilty.

Leslie Supernor

Play Ball (Anywhere but There)
I believe Jim Mullin's intentions are good in opposing a Marlin's baseball stadium in Bicentennial Park ("The Marlins Had a Party and You Weren't Invited," February 10). Having said that, I'll also say I'm a big sports fan and I believe that local politicians should try to find a home for the team somewhere in downtown Miami -- but not at the expense of selling out parkland, which would be absolutely ludicrous and unfair.

It's amazing how planners talk about great views of the water when fundamental architecture states that the view to the water belongs to the public. Developers also talk about the "dump" that currently is Bicentennial, but it is mainly the result of the city's inability to provide a real park. It looks like a prison from the front. And then there's the issue with the stupid racetrack still there from the days of the Miami Grand Prix.

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