Letters to the Editor

Letters from the issue of March 9, 2000

 Out with the Cuban Mafia!
The letter from reader Rob Boyte was headlined, "You Wouldn't Understand, It's an Anglo Thing" (March 2). I want to say yes, we do understand. And it is not only an Anglo thing. Many Cuban Americans like me are also fed up with the "Cuban thing." We did not leave our country, learn a new language, and start new lives and careers only to now find ourselves in a situation similar to the one we had to flee.

It is up to us to rid the governing bodies of our cities and counties of the Cuban Mafia. If they are all so brave and hate Fidel Castro so much, how come he is still in power after 41 years? Because they were a bunch of cowards who cared too much about their skin and bellies and did not oppose what happened in Cuba way back then. They took their money and what objects of value they could, and they fled. And now they are more Cuban than the royal palm tree. As the saying goes: "Que bien nada el pez fuera del agua" (How easy the fish swims out of the water).

Regarding the lack of information on issues other than Elian Gonzalez, do as I and many others do: Do not read those articles in the Miami Herald or New Times, or watch TV news that focuses only on the same "Cuban thing" over and over again. We are in the United States of America, a free country (even if some in Miami and elsewhere think otherwise). There are many sources of information.

Thank you very much, Mr. Boyte, for saying what many have been thinking and wishing to say but for one reason or another have not: " Basta ya!" (Enough!)

Alberto L. Mederos-Artigas
Miami Beach

A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Miami Style
I know we are tired of Elian, but if you allow these Cubans to win, then tomorrow it will be the music you hear, the film you want to see, the lover you want to have, and so on. Think about Los Van Van, the Grammy Awards, La Vida es Silbar. Who is behind the Christian right in town? Think about who is hiding behind Elian's shadow. Tomorrow they'll take your child away if you do not play their game.

Miami is a very intolerant town. Maybe not all of Miami, but those who are in office misrepresenting us. The more you read about them, the wiser will be your vote next time.

Enrique Gutierrez
Miami Beach

The Sound of Anglos Whining Makes Me Puke
Rob Boyte seems to have forgotten that there are African Americans and other ethnic groups inhabiting this city besides Anglos and Cubans. This is the biggest irony of his letter. He attempts to reprimand the Cubans, who make up 70 percent of Miami-Dade County, for controlling the news, the culture, and every other facet of life in Miami. Yet his only real concern seems to be that the Anglo point of view is being ignored. My reply: What type of cheese would you like with that whine?

When I hear complaints like this, I almost chuckle as I review the history of Anglos in this nation. Visions come to mind of everything from the slaughter of Native Americans to slavery. And as I think of these things I am tempted to remind complainers like Mr. Boyte that none of us "belong" here. Either by choice or by force we are all immigrants in this land. So what, pray tell, is an American? Perhaps Mr. Boyte would do well to crack open a few history books before he starts ranting and whining about the lack of Anglo representation here. You see, Mr. Boyte, just as your forefathers migrated from one place to another, you have the same choice. You don't need to stay here. There are places like Idaho where you could have a ball and hear nothing but the Anglo point of view all day and night.

You see, sir, I am an African American (whatever that is supposed to mean) and I too am sick of the Elian Gonzalez story highjacking the news. But I'm sick of it not because it's a Cuban story but because it's exploitative and politically motivated nonsense. Be that as it may, eventually the Elian story is going to go away, just like coverage of the hurricane, coverage of O.J. Simpson, and coverage of every other story of the moment. Any mature person realizes this and will simply deal with it.

Going back to the history of Anglos in the United States: Given the theft of land, the near genocide of Native Americans, and the sheer horror of the ideals behind slavery, to hear Mr. Boyte's weak-kneed whimpering about something as trivial as the Elian story makes me want to puke. He has no idea what real trials and tribulations are. Complaining because you aren't the center of attention is pathetic. Or is that, perhaps, the Anglo point of view?

I've been reading New Times for more years than I can remember (I came down here from New Jersey in the Seventies), and nothing bothers me more than the subtly racist rants of people like Rob Boyte in the letters column, people who think the only culture that matters in the world is Anglo culture. The world is changing, and people who think like Mr. Boyte are becoming the new minority. So pack your bags or shut up!

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