According to Granma

Threats and Violence Lead to Tragedy

He seldom had a steady job and when he had he changed often, moving from one hotel to another -- the Tuxpan, the Melia Varadero, Barlovento, Brisas del Caribe, Paradiso-Punta Arenas, and the Super Club. He had been unemployed since September 1999.

As for his social life, he was known as a womanizer. He got involved with women of low moral standing, with chaotic lives. He behaved ostentatiously, bragged about having money, was greedy, arrogant and abused women, from whom he demanded money. He liked to dress well. He tried to stand out in front of other people, be the center of attention in groups or conversations. Classed as a liar, he proved to be a coward who shunned responsibility. He has no previous criminal record. His father, Nivaldo Ortelio Fernandez, maintains a positive Revolutionary stance. With regard to the illegal departure from the country, in which his son participated, he claims to be ashamed.

Nivaldo and Arianne, two irresponsible and unstable people, degraded by their desire to have an easy life with money, absolutely worthless and with no sense of morale, they wretchedly made themselves available for the role of mercenaries, which the Foundation offered them. That is, to disprove the words of Raquel, who had done them no harm and who perhaps they did not even know, the mother of Elizabeth -- her only daughter, who died tragically because of adventurous people like them -- and Elián's grandmother -- her only grandson held captive by those paying them and using them as salaried slanderers.

According to Granma, Elizabeth and Juan Miguel were teen sweethearts
Corbis Sygma
According to Granma, Elizabeth and Juan Miguel were teen sweethearts

It is disgraceful for the cause of Elián's enemies that the limited resources left to them as respectable witnesses to show the U.S. people and Congress are a pimp, who illegally traveled to that country, and a young woman who is a veteran in promiscuity and the sex industry that she practiced in Cuba, a trade as ancient as antiquity itself.

Such is life in the empire. That is how rotten the public morale of that country is. That is how they intend to set an example and rule the world. Raquel's words will continue to stand firm and irrefutable: "If she took that step, it was because she had a husband who was very violent and threatened her and this is what led to this tragedy."

We have exposed the facts for everyone to draw their own conclusions. It has been a lengthy presentation designed not only to denounce infamy and injustice but also to vindicate a Cuban mother, which is absolutely fair, and to preserve for Elián, above and beyond all prejudices, emotions and the personal feelings of each and every one of our compatriots, the true and objective image of the mother he can never see again by salvaging her from what would be a cruel and unfathomable doubt.

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