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Letters from the issue of February 10, 2000

Jack Valor

Disneyland with a Libido
Mango's Tropical Cafť
By Celeste Fraser Delgado

Mango's Maniacs
Regarding Celeste Fraser Delgado's article "Disneyland with a Libido" (February 3), hurray for Mango's! My husband and I love it there and have a hard time when visiting Miami going to any other clubs as we have so much fun at Mango's. We've visited enough times that some of the people working there recognize us, which makes it even more fun. (We both have our favorite dancers, which helps with the jealousy thing. Ha!)

After reading Celeste's article, I'm ready for my next trip to Miami, which will be in just a couple of weeks. Yippee! Although we live in Kentucky, my husband works for a company based in Miami Lakes and travels there often. I have been to the area several times recently; in fact eight trips to Miami last year alone, a record for me. Our most recent visit was New Year's Eve. You can guess where we were. Yes, Mango's. It was one of our most exciting New Year's Eves ever.

Long live Mango's!

Sherri Rogers
via the Internet

A Hatchet Job
When Miami police tried to fell a beautiful oak, community activist Monique Taylor raised Cain
By Kathy Glasgow

Punish Criminals, Not Oak Trees
Thanks to Kathy Glasgow for writing the very significant story of the oak tree that nearly lost its life ("A Hatchet Job," January 27). The article was about one of our "protected" natural treasures being senselessly mutilated and nearly destroyed, but it also was about a chaotic, out-of-control government and bureaucracy in which it is commonplace for officials to ignore or sidestep the laws they are paid (with our public funds) to enforce, while their superiors choose to look the other way. If John Q. Citizen were found guilty of similar transgressions, he'd be heavily fined.

This is about the Fraternal Order of Government, in which colleagues are rarely if ever held accountable for their wrongful actions. It is about one of Miami's finest, Ofcr. Harvey Nairin, quoted as saying: "It was my idea to make it uncomfortable for the drug dealers. Let 'em stand out under the sun. I ordered [the tree] to be cut down." I remember when police officers were expected to arrest drug dealers!

Yes, Officer Nairin, there are far fewer undesirables in the immediate area of the oak tree now. Miami officers, under strict orders from the new north district commander, at long last began patrolling, diligently arresting scores of people almost daily. Many are still incarcerated; others now realize the area has become uncomfortable and have moved on. And they've done this for reasons other than the lack of shade. Miami's police officers can still do a job if and when they are directed to do so. Thanks to the commander and the officers. Please keep up the good work.

As for the tree, all we can do is hope that Mother Nature will be kind and allow it to heal and grow again.

Monique Taylor

The Divine Ms. Taylor
Kathy Glasgow's description of the Little Haiti tree-trimming debacle exposes the bare truth about Miami's continuing mismanagement. Here is a city employee, a police officer, who is paid to administer the law but does not know the ordinances he is paid to enforce (including protections for trees), who admits that prostitution and drug-dealing go on under his nose but does nothing about it, yet whines when conscientious property owners are forced to remind him of his duty. How can any municipal management in its right mind pay people like that with public money?

Thank God for Monique Taylor! She does the jobs of mayor, commissioners, and manager with her eyes closed.

Sheila M. Anderson

The Obnoxious Ms. Taylor
Regarding Kathy Glasgow's "A Hatchet Job," what a refreshing approach to writing. My one complaint would be the lack of insight into the motivations of those involved, with the obvious exception of the police. How about a broader piece on the obnoxious Monique Taylor and what other neighborhood issues she gets into?

Jeremy Loome
via the Internet

Alfredo's and MeThanks to Jen Karetnick for her advice regarding Alfredo's restaurant ("Prime Pampas Cut," December 23). Though I live just two miles from Alfredo's, I normally would never dare to stop there. But not only was the food really tasty, well prepared, and not unreasonably priced, the hospitality was superb and seemed genuine. That's a rarity in this town.

George Kottler

Alfredo and WeI have been reading Alfredo Triff's art reviews for the past few months and have found them very interesting and informative. Mr. Triff is so descriptive and articulate that he brings to life the art he is reviewing. Lately when I pick up New Times the first thing I look for is the art review.

We art lovers would like to see Mr. Triff in the paper more often because his reviews are one of the few forums, if not the only forum, that give our local artists some exposure in this otherwise artistically lackluster community.

Ronald Pierre
North Miami

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