Thus Spake the Super

Miami-Dade school chief Roger Cuevas is cracking down on sports abuses. Again.


So the only reason we do that is to maintain consistency. But nobody's getting fired for speaking to the media. That would be ludicrous.

There seem to be problems if these incredibly blatant things are allowed to continue and are only exposed and dealt with when newspapers look at them. That is the clear pattern of what 's happening.

Roger Cuevas: A happy but sometimes uninformed leader
Steve Satterwhite
Roger Cuevas: A happy but sometimes uninformed leader

The grade changing, that is very difficult for the district to supervise and monitor. There's no way for me to do it. Like I said, my priority is academic and reading, not athletics. I'm making it [a priority]. Because we do have the premier athletic program. When you hear the Dolphins playing and you hear some players ... it's kind of fun to know some of them come out of the high school program in Florida. Florida has a great athletic program. There's no need for what's going on when you already have the farm team. To abuse [the system] is wrong. It's a crime. And that's my contention.

It 's hard to argue with your contention.

I've been trying to get reading scores up. I spent most of my first year [as superintendent] trying to get a comprehensive reading plan. Then I hear about Miami High, so I meet with senior high principals. I give them an ultimatum. And dammit, it's not being followed. Now I have made this a priority. There will be changes. The district will be much more involved in the monitoring. We have to, obviously. I'm glad, in a way, you're helping us. We will be an example of how a premier high school program is run.

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