John Henry, This Is War!

A couple of days after the tour, Greg Bush faxed me a hastily penned manifesto outlining a course of action. In twelve steps he plotted a series of measures that would instantly raise the profile of the park and promote an awareness of its potential: the obvious need for a sign to mark the entrance, weekend cleanup and landscaping parties, regularly scheduled tours, and the creation of specialized committees to address more complex problems. Additionally in the coming weeks the Urban Environment League will host forums examining the experience of other U.S. cities and their waterfronts, and sponsor workshops to explore ideas for rehabilitating Bicentennial Park.

Bush, the Urban Environment League, and the Committee of Hundreds don't have any resources but the time each person can volunteer (Bush himself is a history professor at the University of Miami), so they rely on friends, mailing lists, word of mouth, and the occasional editor at your local free weekly newspaper.

These soldiers in the citizens' army deserve support. They should be receiving it with enthusiasm from our public officials, but they are not. (That doesn't surprise me but it still infuriates me.) The need is great and the time is now. Contact the Urban Environment League by voicemail at 305-579-9133. Fax: 305-667-9080. E-mail: Now there is a Website as well:

Greg Bush and his merry band of warriors at Bicentennial Park
Greg Bush and his merry band of warriors at Bicentennial Park

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